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Melee Interest check for a Melee tournament near Poughkeepsie NY


Smash Lord
Jul 7, 2014
USA NY, Dutchess County
There's this hobby store in Red Oaks Mill like 10 minutes from Poughkeepsie called Champion's Card Collector, I got a "maybe" when I asked about the possibility of Melee tournaments being run there so I'm hopeful. I wanna see just how many people I might expect to show up if I started something there. It might start out pretty small, like 2 or 3 setups plus whatever people bring but obviously it'll grow quick, it could probably be worked out that most of the TO's cut (mine and my friends) can be put into buying stuff for the tournament.
Space might be a little cramped, they just got a bunch of new shelving that takes up a lot of room but they have a lot of tables to move around however they want, it could work like some kind of enclosure of tables at one end of the store. There's a Chinese place right next door, a Subway, bagel place, and Italian place in the same shopping center, and there's snacks and drinks for sale in Champion's itself, I'm not sure what day it would be on but most big stuff happens there on weekdays so it would most likely be Friday or a weekend.
Look up Champion's Card Collector, give me your opinion, tell your friends, if there's enough interest I'll try and make something happen.
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