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Instant Edge Grab

Super Papi

Smash Rookie
Jul 2, 2014
Indio, CA
I learned this back in my Brawl days but haven't seen many newer Yoshi's using it, so I thought I should make a thread about it. DISCLAIMER: This is for anyone who needs it.

You're on the stage. You run off to the right. You fall off. Fast fall. Double jump with your stick facing to the left, and you instantly grab the edge.

It's Yoshi's DJ properties that make this possible. Yoshi changes direction during his DJ and when you DJ facing the edge, you grab it. I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge, but we need to get the word out, as I've read many posts about having gimping problems. For example, a post mentioned not being able to gimp Marth because he sweet spots the edge. Well, you can just grab it.

Yoshi doesn't need to wave dash backwards in order to gimp. He can just run off and grab it instantly.

I normally try to condition my opponent to start reaching for the edge when I'm edge guarding. My weapon of choice, downsmash and edge grab.

He may have a really good recovery, but depending on whether it's a sweet spot or a high scooper, for me it's either an edge grab or a down smash (down tilt works great too, but I time my down smashes perfectly; down til, most of the time, gives them an extra recovery chance while the smash usually guarantees the gimp).Once conditioned i find it a very smooth gimp indeed.

What do you guys think? This isn't exactly directed to the vets, as you may already be aware of the existence of the grab, especially since this was already present in melee. Just a pointer, since only Yoshi can do this, and gives him an edge in Project Melee.

I'm not really sure if there is a different thread about this, but either way, new players should learn this concept. This concept should be easily accesible and made clear. Yoshi is a gimping machine!

I hope this thread could be helpful for any fellow Yoshi's. Cheers!
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Smash Rookie
Oct 25, 2014
There is also the egg drop if you want try and punish a mix of someones recovery options at once. You full dash and when you get to the ledge egg toss. when done correctly Yoshi should fall off the stage toss an egg and grab the ledge. It is ever so slightly faster than using a double jump but requires more timing and is greater if you fail to grab the ledge while falling.


Smash Apprentice
Dec 6, 2014
Savannah, GA
I need to warn you about this one thing that's become more of a problem in 3.5. There's a higher chance of missing the ledge while doing the up B ledge cancel, and you flat-out miss the ledge and you go too far that you can't make it back, even with a double jump to airdodge. Just be careful, there's a larger error margin to this tech now.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 13, 2014
Wellington, FL
On stages like battlefield and ps2 with side platforms near the ledge, try a waveland off the platform eggtoss to grab ledge. Its trickier, cooler looking, and safer (from sding).
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