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Jul 4, 2015
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Kirby has one of the most unique mechanics in the form of his ability to eat and absorb defeated foes, getting their abilities for a short period of time.
This mechanic was brought into Smash Bros in the form of his neutral B that allowed him to eat an opponent and get his neutral B. Though usually an unpopular choice in other smash games due to it's long start-up and ending lag, in Project M the move became way faster, with Chudat popularizing the Kirbycide.
Many, however, are still unaware of the usage of the copied abilities or simply think that they are not worth the change (and in some MU, they really are not).
There are actually a few setups one can do in order to inhale, with F-throw at low percents coming to mind (it is DIable and doesn't work on some characters).
The most well known example is Falco's laser. Kirby can double (TAS triple) laser from a short hop with this, it's like turning the field in a bullet hell for the space feasant.
Just trying to put the idea out there and see if you guys can see any possibility. I'll try to make a list here with the ones you post

:falco:: Falco lasers are one of the best projectiles of the whole game. Being able to not only get them, but also shoot more than the original is a great plus compared to Inhale
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Oct 21, 2014
Well duh. We all play kirby... this is day one knowledge.

Anyway for the sake of the post Ill share the abilities that I actually go out of my way to copy.

DK punch is great out of uthrow.

Falco (obviously)

G&W sh triple bacon is amazing zoning tool.

Ivy laser is broken and you can just tauntcancel it away once you use it.

Dedede swallow gets brawl windboxes (stupid tool).

Link/Toon link gives you the bow and you can do quick-draw shots if you press b just before hitting the ground.

Lucario gives brawl/3.0? super big super fast aura sphere.

Lucas pk freeze is a good projectile.

Luigi/Mario fireballs helps make camping a more viable option in these mu's

MK brawl tornado lol (just techchase with it and rack up like 25% per tornado)

M2 disable can be jump canceled into and it acts as a djc.

Pika bolts are good.

Pit arrows can be good I just don't like them.

Samus charge can end a techchase with a kill.

Shiek needles are op.

Snake grenades can be agt'd from a soft toss and you can pull them and land with shield to drop them.

Wario brawl bite lol.

Wolf lasers can be wavelanded.

Zelda, you can do all the old zelda tech like lovejumping for dumb recoveries.

The rest I don't see a point in taking personally.
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