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Incorporating fair


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Mar 17, 2015
I've mentioned using fair more in many of my posts, but I thought I'd sit down and explain why and how to use this move. I believe this move will be especially useful in the Peach MU.

First off, the hit box is actually really good contrary to popular belief. To put it into perspective, this is Peach's bair(her most disjointed aerial) compared to Pika's fair. Pika's fair already has more disjoint but unlike my example, a SH approach will put him higher up than Peach's Float/FC bair hitting her arm from farther away. So now that I've established it can beat Peach aerials out, it leaves the question "How does this fit into Pika's game plan?".

Right now we've only really seen Axe get upsmash kills setup with a nair at around 90%. When he starts to hit over 100% he doesnt have that combo to rely on, meaning he has to kill one of three ways:
Raw Nair - Peach has to be at a really high % or have bad DI
Raw JC upsmash - Too high commitment and doesnt cover much horizontal space like nair does.
Edgeguard - really tough if peach has all her recovery resources.

Since Pika's KO aerials all send at the same angle(45 degrees) he has no DI mixup. Luckily if fair is DI'd up Pika gets a guaranteed upsmash. This can be avoided by holding down to CC/ASDI but if Peach DI's a strong Nair down or even away she'll die considerably early. In sum, Fair not only beats out Peach's attempts to stuff Pika with Float aerials, it also provides kill setup(although DI dependant) that serves as a DI mixup for nair.
Fair can combo into other moves(ftilt, grab, dtilt, anything 8 frames or less startup) at any % but it's really only effective when Peach is at a high % where she normally wouldnt hold down to CC.

Fair also has a really good use in neutral. Through the use of shieldstops you can SH fair(no fastfall) and fade away so that Peach gets pushed back while Pika drifts in the opposite direction. The sakurai angle multihits create a lot of distance between the two, making dsmash whiff by quite a bit of distance. It can also be used on shield( Axe did it against a sheik player cant remember who) to bait out a shield grab. This is something you see socal players like Lucky and Mango do really often.
While this doesnt directly punish CC, it does give you a relatively safe option against CC dsmash that can still beat out most stuff moves and avoid shieldgrab. Obviously if the Peach waits nothing will happen to her, but it does discourage CC which gives Pikachu some more openings for nair approaches.
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