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May 23, 2007
Crofton, MD
Smashboards has always been a great resource for smash related info. But looking at the Falcon boards... There's nothing here, not a template, very little info, sparse activity, it's in disarray. I'm requesting temporary moderation privileges or help from active mods so we can create/ organize stickied threads to distribute important information and developments more easily going forward. This way visitors with valuable input know where to post, instead of guessing which vague thread to contribute to, where said info will inevitably be lost to time.

I'm suggesting the following threads be created, stickied and updated semi regularly. This list is tentative and will be changed should important developments arise.

- C. Falcon General
Community members can discuss the game as it pertains loosely to Falcon here. A link to whichever active Discord channel should go here.

- C. Falcon Combo Thread
An in-depth list of true combos on any/ all weight classes.

- C. Falcon Video Thread
Match footage, tutorials, montage clips and various other media.

- C. Falcon Match-Up Discussion
Match up discussion with general breakdowns of each character in sub-threads for quick access and review.

- C. Falcon Advanced Techniques
Discussion of any techniques not necessarily inherently obvious/ specific, but useful to Falcon, as well as descriptions and execution.

- C. Falcon Guide
An eventual all encompassing guide to Falcon, meant as a living project discussing all aspects of game play. Players looking to pick up Falcon should be able to get an idea of how to play Falcon at a competent level by browsing here.

If there are any available mods who would be willing to give me rights temporarily or supervise this project themselves, please reach out to me. Any and all help would be appreciated.
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