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Aug 25, 2014
I'll Take The Sky Any Day II: Falco Moveset Data

A recent discussion with a member on these forums reminded me that I never updated Falco's moveset thread or made a thread archiving new frame data about Falco which was instead posted in different threads as posts making them a bit difficult to find right away. That was unfair of me to you all. So, this an update to the outdated I'll Take The Sky Any Day: Falco Moveset Data.

Before reading frame data, I want to go over some things.

Multi-hit moves: Some of them have frame gaps where there are no active hitboxes. These are written with parentheses ( ) to show the frame gap e.g. Falco's Utilt's active frames are 5(2)5 meaning it has a 2 frame gap between its two hits. Other multi-hit moves do not have frame gaps and have an asterisk * to show that e.g. Falco's Up Smash's active frames are 6*8 meaning there is no frame gap between its two hits. These notations were pulled from The King of Fighter XIII's and Street Fighter V's frame data sheets.

For multi-hits with a lot hits, their active frame have ellipses ... and parentheses ( ) to show how much they repeat. For example, Falco's Fire Bird charging hits are 1(1)... (x7) meaning it repeats 7 times and has 1 active frame with 1 frame gap for each hit.

Throws: Since B-, D-, and U-throw all have lasers and I couldn't find how long they're active or what their actual hit lag and SDI are since they're probably not his normal laser's, there are question marks and in Brawl Falco's case, tildas ~ that just say I have no idea.

Semi-colons ( ; ): These are for multi-hit moves to show total damage or active frames. Sometimes they're used, sometimes they're not.

For everything else, please refer to the Smash Directory.

Smash 4 Falco's frame data sheet

Backup link just in case:

As far as I know and remember, the main new thing is the inclusion of rapid jab's frame data that was found a while ago: Other than that, it's just up to date.

Falco through the Ages

The other point of this thread is to house a comparison of Falco's frame data throughout Smash. A while back, I wanted to clear some misconceptions such as Smash 4 Falco was given too much recovery (end lag) on his moves and I wanted to do an analysis on his changes in each game. The latter I gave up on since it killed the joy of playing Smash. Being infuriated and trying to dissect one character was not worth that.

This is the spreadsheet detailing Falco's frame data in Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 (launch, 1.0.8, and 1.1.4):

This one might be irrelevant to some of you, but if you want to know what Brawl Falco's hit lag and SDI frame data are, then check out this spreadsheet:


Pretty much the same and usual things were used and since I don't want to bother people, the source list will be quickly edited in after this thread's creation.

This was just copied and pasted from the old moveset thread.
Where I mined the data: from @Dantarion's data dump, Master Core. And Complete Hitbox/Frame Data For Every Character by @Thinkaman.
For frame speed rankings with the other characters: List of attacks/grabs from fastest initial frame to slowest (Frame Speed) by @ItsRainingGravy.
For weight values and rankings: Smash 4 - Weight Rankings by @Aeralfos.
For air speed values and rankings: Smash 4: Air Speed Rankings and Values by @Indigo Jeans with data provided in that thread by @Toomai.
For fall speed and fast fall speed values and rankings: Smash 4 - Fall & Fast Fall Speed Rankings by @Aeralfos and Smash 4 Aerial Speed List: Horizontal, Fall and Fastfall by @Trifroze.
For walking and dashing values and rankings: Running & Walking Speed Rankings by @Aeralfos with values by @Toomai from this post in that thread.
For perfect pivot distance: from My Smash Corner's video, Perfect Pivoting! (Smash Wii U/3DS), at this point in time: 2:34.
For Melee and Brawl frame data comparison: @Xeylode for the In-Depth Falco Frame Data and @Bones0, @Kadano, @Seikand, and @Magus420 for the Falco Hitboxes and Frame Data.
For Melee and Brawl damage percents: The Falco Essentials by @Zonderion, Smashpedia, and SSBwiki.
For total frames:; search: ファルコ using Ctrl + F.
For landing lag: All character landing lag frame data by @A2ZOMG.
For patch 1.0.6:
For patch 1.0.8: Thinkaman's data dump:, and @LordWilliam1234's spreadsheet: - also where customs startups, IASA, and such came from.
And thanks to @A_Kae for finding frame data on Smash 4's rapid jabs.

Some special mentions, however, are for Melee and Brawl. For Melee Falco, I used this Japanese website that had information on angles and knockback: Other Melee characters are covered, so if you want to know more, then go ahead. Brawl Falco's frame data was mostly pulled from reading his file with Project Smash Attacks. I will not elaborate on that any further.
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