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Iiyama Vision master 514 + wii + Mayflash VGA-005


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Mar 21, 2017
EDIT: A friend of mine managed to fix everything and I'm now able to enjoy 480p progressive scan on HM204DT A :)
Btw screen don't show anything when booting wii with the sd I have to boot without it , insert it and reset wii to launch homebrew channel with sensor everytime and then it's working :(

You can close this thread.

Hello everyone,

I received today my Mayflash Component to VGA converter and i'm not able to get any picture on my CRT even when I selected the 480p display option in wii settings. Edit : I selected 4:3 aspect aswell.

May it be cause wii softmodded and not starting as usual ? Can anyone help me find why it is not working ?

Thanks in advance
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