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Ideas for new PK burst charge

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Oct 5, 2013
After comparing the old versions of Lucas' PK burst, who agrees that a cancel similar to DK / Samus / Sheik charges would be most effective? Tapping B would start the charge, hitting shield would cancel the animation. The end lag in 3.5 is still atrocious (40 -> 30 frames) and now it takes twice as long to charge up the move.

There's a few options that could be chosen:

1. Having a plain and simple cancel with a few more frames to charge up the move in order to balance PKB properly.​

Say they increase time from 120 frames to anywhere up to 150 frames (1/2 second longer). Useful while ledge guarding & waiting for opponent to recover, after a kill / throw move, or in neutral from a sizeable distance away from the opponent. Allows for starting up a charge and making the move more accessible.​

2. Make the charge revert to previous versions with a "usage" factor.​

In 2.6, I believe Lucas had a system where his PKB was only useable a few times, then it needed to charge up again. Many times as Lucas players, we miss the input for Dair because we hit C stick too early and Dsmash wastes the charge that took forever to get, or a random Up / Forward smash is thrown out because of a missed cue from a DJC aerial or otherwise. 3 uses seems like a reasonable number, as 1 charge is generally whiffed and another 1-2 are used in combos.​

Another idea would be for Lucas' PKB could start out games with 1-3 charges, then be forced to charge up again after a few uses. Starting the game with 1 charge and being allowed a max of 3 can prove to be pivotal as PKB is a high potential, yet under utilized move.​

Could either have a set amount of time that it takes to recharge similar to Snake's Tranq, or charge in increments as Lucario does. Total charge could carry over from stock to stock.​
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May 21, 2014
Grand rapids, Michigan
took my idea for the opening part :p, i like the usage factor a lot more, PKB is useful but i don't think it should be limited to MAYBE getting one shot after taking a stock
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