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Idea Custom Moves For Banjo


Smash Apprentice
Nov 11, 2017
Until Nintendo releases the unlike custom moves for ultimate I figure id hatch out some custom move attack ideas for Banjo taking it step by step through his special moves.

Special Custom Moves :ultbanjokazooie:

Natural 1 - Super Egg
This egg will knave through kazooies beak in a mere second causing a big firey rift of an egg to let loss.
Damage: 15%

Natural 2 - Turbo Egg
This egg can shoot turbo speed then the average attack avenging within the air straight without bouncing.
Damage 10%

Side 1 - Beak Millennium
A millennium strike flashes though the whole stage poking out Kazooies beak in a per flash.
Damage: 40%

Side 2 - Golden Feathers
Instead of 5 Feathers are now upgraded to 10 golden feathers for each stock
Damage: 26%

Side 3 - Redemption Strike
Holding down B before striking will buildup enough distances to strike your appoint creating a massive strike, taking a bit of damage by 15%.
Damage: 45% - 50%

Up 1 - Twisty Drill
Up smashing plungers a spring pad doubling up jump then normally, allowing Banjo to twist wildly in mid air until hes outta sigh from the stage and slowly drifting back downwards.
Damage: 30%

Up 2 - Hot Feet
A flamed pad will upjump Banjo's feet arranging in a fiery flam jump causing Banjo to move any direction in mid air.
Damage: 15%

Up 3 - Trampoline Spin
A spring planted on ground allowing Banjo to jump multiple times on spot spinning uncontrollably per jump until it disappears. (Similar to sonics spring jump)
Damage: 10%

Down 1 - Ultra Genade
Watch out Banjo! A dangerous Genade disguised like an egg taking a much more effective blast then normally.
Damage: 25% - 30%

Down 2 - Double Genade
Instead of 1 why not 2 Grenades bursting through birdys bottom at the same time.
Damage: 18%

Down 3 - XBomb
Instead of having a genade launch, an X bomb trickles creating a massive shape of an X through the explosion once hit by appoint.
Damage: 15%

That's all the Custom ideas i have for Banjo, whenever we get custom moves back for Ultimate Id love to see some of these moves attached to Banjos customizations.
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