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Hyness For Smash, a general thread for Kirby Star Allies Smash Representation (Spoilers for KSA)


Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2018
This Guy am I right

Lord Hyness Officiant of Doom is the main antagonist of Kirby Star Allies, trying to, and succeding, in awakening in his evil master, Void Termina.

Lord Hyness is sort of Relevant with Kirby Star Allies on the scene, so why don't we bring him to smash. Hyness would use a variety of evil attacks with his energy attacks. His specials could revolve around the Jamba mages assisting him in Battle. He could roll around with them in a ball, throw Dark Hearts and use the sisters as projectiles. His Final smash could even see him summoning Void Termina as he destroys the stage.

He has zero percent at showing up, but he would amazing, HYNESS FOR SMASH.

Joinallthreacs.smash Joinallthreacs.smash
Kingkridley Kingkridley
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Smash Rookie
Sep 3, 2018
THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Finally someone else who wants this! Let's get this guy as DLC.


Smash Rookie
Apr 20, 2021
While I think the Mage Sisters would be better Star Allies representation, I'll still voice my support here, as Hyness is pretty cool (Although I don't think anyone will notice this thread anyway).
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