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How would you feel with Urban Champion as an alt. skin character of Little Mac?

How would you want Sakurai to utilize Urban Champ as an alt. of Little Mac?

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Smash Hero
Feb 15, 2014
This has been bugging me for so long, considering Urban Champ was considered for Melee, and Sakurai himself said that all the Urban Champ did was punch in his game, and it apparently made him too "generic" to be playable, and I actually thought since alt. skins are a thing for Smash now, I was hoping for an Urban Champ alt. skin for Mac that could be considered as a separate character like Alph and the Koopalings, yet that didn't fall through. So what do you think? Urban Champ as an alt. for Mac. Would it work out? BTW, this is the Urban Champion:

lady_sky skipper

Smash Ace
Jan 29, 2017
I would prefer for Urban Champion to be a separate character. It would feel kinda weird having Little Mac wearing a character costume from a non-Punch Out game.
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