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How to pick a main for smash ultimate


Smash Rookie
Dec 7, 2020
This may be a duplicate thread, I already know, but I just want to share my method.
what I'm doing rn, hop into a 3 to 5 stock match with you playing every character and the CPU plays the same character (preferably level 8, but 7 or 6 works if your newer and 9 if your really good but cant decide.) then, mark down your results, how much stock and percent lead you had/how much the CPU had. Here's an example:

Mario: 1 stock 92% to death
Donkey Kong: death to 90% 2 stock
Link: death to 0% two stock

From this information I gather that I am not good and link or Donkey Kong, and Mario is my best pick here. When you finish all the characters, practice a few combos with the ones you won with, and learn some tech. It doesent have to be much, just a little. After that, search up a matchup tier list and when you pick the character, make the CPU the worst matchup on the list. Then you make the eliminations. Ex:

Mario vs Shulk
Donkey Kong vs Mr. Game n Watch
Link vs Lucina

(source: Every Characters WORST MATCHUP In Smash Bros. Ultimate - YouTube from poppt1.) After you do that take the character that you did best with and really go in depth with combos, and really get a feel for the character, and maybe play online with the character a bit. If you dont like the results, go to your next best character. Keep going until you decide which one you like best. Its not the most efficient method, but it will get the job done.


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Oct 21, 2018
Petoskey, MI
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This isn't a bad method, but I would not recommend that your main specifically be the character you are "best" at. There are dozens of reasons why somebody might pick their main, whether because of their series, kit, or playstyle, but I generally recommend maining a character that you enjoy playing. A main should not be who you see immediate success with, but rather a character you can connect with and don't tire of playing. Just because you find immediately success with a character like King K. Rool does not mean you will enjoy playing him for 100 more hours.
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