How to effectively use Charizard?


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Considered the game's worst character (by far?), Charizard still has benefits with his tools if used smart.

As a player who's learning the Semi-SoloZard tactic (Charizard gets the most play; Ivysaur briefly comes out if killed), how would one use the lizard effectively, especially against characters who are fast, floaty, or projectile-heavy?

What I normally do is catch with a jab or down-tilt, maybe an up or down throw, approach with short-hop aerials, and use Flamethrower to ledgetrap and stop approaches.


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May 7, 2014
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To be honest, I play him almost exactly like Ridley (which sounds similar to how you use Zard). I'm not sure how viable that is, but I miss rock smash so much (it helped set them apart, and it was very useful).

I try to space with Zard. I'm a little defensive when I approach; I try to read my opponents as much as possible. More often than not, I play keep away (his reach doesn't suck) and edgeguard with flamethrower and his aerials.
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Jul 11, 2015
First, Charizard is not the worst character in the game at all. I've been playing him more and he can be pretty clutch! Charizard doesn't have a very good neutral game and defensive play is gonna be your best bet. In terms of the trio, I like to use him the most at the ledge/ in advantage.

He doesn't have the most complete kit but he does have some strong tools that you'll want to stick to. Spacing is especially important with Charizard because so many of his moves aren't very safe. Practice your movement options as that is one of the best trait about Charizard (good ground speed, multiple jumps). These are the moves you'll want to stick with:
  • Grab: Charizard has an awesome grab game and Bthrow combos into stuff. Get opponent's off-stage ASAP.
  • Jab: quick Frame 4 jab and the 3rd hit has decent range. Dashing into jab can be a decent approach especially if opponents like spot-dodging.
  • Ftilt: pivot-sliding Ftilt is also another decent approach option if spaced correctly. Can be used while retreating, too. This move is great at the ledge too.
  • Flamethrower: best at trapping opponent's on the ledge but the range lets you control a lot of space. Learn to B-reverse for some good mix-ups.
  • Usmash: easily his best move and best out of shield option (frame 6!). Also catches spot dodges and can hit from behind. Shield at ledge is a good ledge trap with this move.
  • Bair: space this move and it's kinda safe on shield. This move is huge and KOs at like 100%. One of the strongest moves in his kit.
  • Nair: not the best but it combos into jab and controls a lot of space. Can be used to shark under platforms. Again, another great move to use at the ledge.
  • Dash attack: this is a great burst option especially since Charizard has a good dash-dance. Long-lasting hitbox and it can kill at high percents
Here are some other decent moves you'll be using, but maybe less often:
  • Fair: still fairly quick and powerful but the lack of auto-cancel makes it a bit unsafe on shield. Great for catching opponents in the air and while retreating.
  • Flare Blitz: obviously don't spam this move but use it as a trump card to net surprise KOs.
In terms of dealing with fast, floaty, projectile-characters:
  • Fast characters will out-neutral you. Just stick to your shield and wait for the right moments to strike. Flamethrower isn't so good against them.
  • Floaty characters: space your moves out and they shouldn't be much of an issue. Bair likes to sweet spot short hops, catch them with Usmash.
  • Projectile characters: close the gap with your good ground speed and trap at the ledge with Flamethrower. Bair can eat through weaker projectiles (Megaman's pellets for example) so that's a decent option too. Personally, I stick with Squirtle when it comes to projectile characters.
Hope this helps ! Watch and study Pandarian's Charizard if you want to see a good Charizard. Wishes is pretty good too.
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