How to beat a spamming wolf?


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Jul 17, 2013
Los Angeles, California
So me and a couple friends are really into Brawl. We have tournaments just between each other about once a week and have gotten pretty good. For some very odd reason, we have come across one problem. One of our friends is a c-stick spammer. Against most characters, this is fairly easy to punish. The only problem we have is wolf. He spams dsmash and fsmash like nobody's business. The range of the fsmash is surprisingly tough for us to combat. I am posting to ask you guys if you have any advice for playing against this strategy. We realize that there must be a relatively simple way to defeat this wolf due to the simplicity of this style of play. We are just having a hard time finding the solution. For example, is it best to spot dodge, shield, or even roll dodge the fsmash? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Apr 13, 2013
Any projectile, aerial, or sword based character should be able to get around it pretty easily.

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I agree. Just shield and punish everything, as lame as it may sound. If he ever comes to complain, just throw it out to him that he's the worse (as in, not-better than you) player for spamming in the first place.
I think you should pick either DDD, Olimar or Kirby so you can punish shield grab each time. With Olimar and Kirby you can punish their F-Smash with U-Smash OoS (Out of Shield). Spamming smashes against DDD is deadly because it means you get CG'd and possibly gimped or edgehogged once he gets you out of the platform.
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