How do you fight ZSS as a Super heavy?


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Oct 20, 2015
Paris, France
Hi there. I'm an Incineroar and Bowser main. I consider myself to have a very good level at the game, I won a few local tournaments in my province, but although I didn't came across a ZSS in locals...

.. Online she's the only character in this whole roster that I cant seem to understand how to fight. Every ZSS player I come across does nothing but flee and jump the whole match and being untouchable, either by being too high, using the intangibility of down B to land safely, use airdodges, or only attacks with moves that are almost unpunishable such as Neutral air which has no endlag and high shieldstun, or Forward air, which crosses shields up.

Playing against a ZSS really feels helpless for me and it's exceedingly hard to keep composed against her as it's too hard to land moves on her because of her mobility and evasiveness and it's really easy to get punished by her, even if she doesn't have a high amount of kill power if she doesn't land a raw Up B (which is still very strong against super heavies)

I'm here to ask for tips basically, from you ZSS players.


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May 16, 2008
I basically lick my chops when I go up against a Bowser, DK or Incineroar as ZSS; they're probaly her best matchups because she's faster, can outrange them and also has low percentage KO options that can skill KO heavies at around 120%.
It's just gonna be hard matchup, period.

That said, I'd look for footage of high level heavy mains taking on ZSS's on stream. Like this:

One thing to note is that ZSS lives and dies by the Bait&Punish.
Many of her KO options like Boost Kick, Flip Kick, and Fsmash have significant ending lag, at least by Ultimate's standards. Her grab also has a ton of lag if whiffed, as you can see at the end of the above video.
I'd recommend playing around as ZSS for a bit to get a feel for her movement and attacks. Then take her online and see when you get punished and when opponents are finding windows to put you in disadvantage. Those are the windows you want to exploit when fighting her. Regardless, I'd definitely go Bowser against her instead of using Incineroar. You're gonna need that rushdown mobility.
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