How do you deal with projectiles?

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Oct 31, 2016
Hi, i've been a bit of a lurker on smashboards but i finally made an account.
Lately i have been having trouble with projectile heavy characters (such as megaman, wii fit, but not link) and i was wondering what the best strategy was to deal with them was. Ike can't reflect/ absorb so my strategy has been mainly to jump over projectiles but also occasionally shielding and rarely spot dodging (need more practice at spot dodging).

I'm open to all advice.


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Nov 25, 2014
Not sure Ike really can do anything besides general anti-projectile tactics - watch your opponent's movements like a hawk, don't dash as it takes longer to pull up shield out of dash, don't jump until you're close enough to menace with an aerial. Against Mega Man specifically you're probably going to want to do jump very little at all, as his aerial lemons will unceremoniously drop you out of the air, but do watch out for his Metal Blade shenanigans on your shield. In his case, you'll simply have to get used to the taste of lemonade - you'll eat lemons no matter what, but taking minor damage like that is way less important than watching out for his setups, as he's going to have a really hard time getting the kill otherwise. Spot dodging in general strikes me as a relatively poor idea, as many large projectiles are also slow enough to catch you on even slightly mistimed dodges, especially if they let them loose before reaching full charge. Plus doing so locks you in place for quite a while, which doesn't make you lose any ground but does mean you've accomplished little before the next projectile is already on its way.
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