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How can I utilize Jab resets and Jab locks as snake?


Smash Journeyman
Feb 21, 2010
New Hampshire
I guess I'm asking this because I only just learned that one effective technique against an opponent who's laying on the ground is to jab them which makes them stand up and opens them up for more combos, but I don't know what's good after that.

I feel like I might be spamming the snake board with my questions, but I tried to find more specific resources on this question and I couldn't find a sufficient answer to my question.

One example is something I've found here, where @WilfordBrimley does a jab reset on Ses

So basically, I get that a jab reset is good for when my opponent is laying on the ground, and after reviewing the footage more carefully another specific question I have is: Does it force my opponent into a getup animation? What are my opponents options after I've jab reset them? Also, for the jab reset to work do I basically have to correctly read that my opponent wont roll? Idk, I don't understand Jab reset and if someone had a comprehensive guide on how it works that would be good. Also specific snake tech/options and specific snake jab reset instructions would be helpful.

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Jan 10, 2015
far away from any tournament
As snake, a jab reset will make your foe stand up, and your best options out of a jab reset are either a grab, or a sticky. if you get the sticky, it puts constant pressure on them from anywhere on the map. I prefer grabbing out of a jab reset, simply because you can up-throw them (if theyre below 50%) then short hop into a sticky. another option out of a jab reset is a tranq shot, which allows for many other options, because they're asleep. good luck with your future snake gameplay


Smash Ace
May 2, 2014
Grand Rapids, MI
Your best jab reset punish is tranq, not grab or stick. You can do lots of stuff off of jab resets besides those three, but they're probably the best. All of Snake's tilts are worth talking about as well, you can also down air and combo into anything faster than up smash (and that even works sometimes), so long as they're not in tumble percent of the first hit. Opponents can't buffer an option out of reset on Snake's jab due to its low, set knockback. Unless they SDI the Jab (pretty tricky overall) you're perfectly safe doing it and following up with just about anything shorter than the forced getup animation subtracted by Jab's endlag (usually 13 frames since IASA is frame 16 and activity starts on frame 3). U-throw stick similarly works at a vast range of percentages on a variety of characters, not necessarily 0-50%.

I have this nice spreadsheet for any questions you might have
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