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How can I practice with mewtwo?


Smash Lord
May 23, 2006
Richmond, BritishColumbia, Canada (williams+railw
when playing alone, the only thing you can work on are technical capabilities.

so here are the technical things you can practice on in training mode.

-retreating bairs
-SHBAWD (short hop back air wave dash)
-shuffle aerials
-instand djc aerials
-SUNC (run off edge to sweetspotted teleport)
-sweetspotted teleport
-dashdance and wavedash mix
-shorthop teleport
-SBCC (short hop reverse shadowball charge cancel)
-retreating/reverse shadowballs
-ledgecanceld teleport
-rising aerials
-wavedash with shield
-waveland / shorthop fastfall to waveland.

when youve mastered these, the only way you can improve IS to play humans.


Smash Champion
Nov 17, 2005
Bay Area, Cali
glad i could, SBCC stand for Shadow ball charge cancel. It's when you start charging your shadow ball for the shocky part of it, then hit L to cancel the charging animation. (often used as an approchal where you wd then flick the opposite direction for the shadowball)

Anyways, it's got high priorty, and a really big surprise factor, as well as a decent sized hitbox. After you cancel it, it's easily followed by a grab, dtilt, etc. But i'll get way more in depth when i finish that part of the guide. It'll come, i had finals this week so i didn't get around to it. Probably start again monday.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 19, 2006
Green Bay Wisconsin
I find that SBCC works great against falcons and just like quak said, it's a big suprize factor! M2 can suprize alot of people because nobody plays that Tom cat or knows his move set. Good luck with playin M2 and remember it's going to take awhile before you become proficiant. Don't get discuraged if and when you loose.


Smash Ace
Nov 20, 2006
Laredo Texas (training mode), offseason :)
Im happy cuze I haven't lost that many times, mostly wins its kinda weird seeing my opponents really shocked after there loss, seemed like there is no one here in Laredo who uses mewtwo. All the ppl I played seemed pretty annoyed after they lose. Mewtwo is not too bad at all, is he even coming back in brawl? Anyways thanks for the help any1 got any help to post, post it up plz.
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