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His Smash Invite was in the Basememt the whole Time! - The 'Hello Neighbor' Support Thread


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Nov 6, 2019
We've all wanted to know what's in that mancs basement... But what if... Just once... We were the Neighbor... IN SMASH!


The Neighbor is a frequently appearing character in youtube videos by Fgteev, a popular kids channel. When used on this channel, he goes by the name Mart. Though his canon name is Theodore Peterson.

Kirby would have the neighbor's mustache and eye brows if absorbing him.

1. Normal
(Just the neighbor's regular clothing)
2. Red
(The neighbor's clothes change to match the protagonist of the games. His sleeves turn red and his... Sweater? Vest? Whatever... It turns tan)
3. Bendy
(Theodore gets a brown hue to him, and dawns a bendy mask as seen in the Crossover update with BatiM.)
4. Black & White
(The neighbor turns black & white, like old cartoons. His pants, shoes, and clothes being blackb and his skin, hair, & vest being different shades of white & grey)
5. Green
(Mr. Peterson's vest thing turns green and his pants change to yellow to match his sleeves, wbich don't change.)
6. Yellow
(Vest and sleeves swap colors, so that he has a yellow vest and blue sleeves. His pants turn grey, and his hair darkens)
7. Pumpkin
(Peterson stays mostly the same, but gains a pumkin for a head and an appron)
8. Clown
(His clown outfit from 'Secret Neighbor' the 3rd game in his series)


I used official designs and other characters in the series for my moveset and alts.

Moveset (Most of at least):
(Just a simple punch forward)

Side Tilt-
(A slightly more powerful punch)

Up Tilt-
(Shoves shovel Upward)

Down Tilt-
(Tosses a jar of glue, leaving glue on the ground in front of him, which will stop others in tracks for a short time. Glue disappears after a short time.)

Nuetral Special- Tomato Toss
(Throws a tomato that does little damage but 'inks' the enemy, opperating just like inkling's ink. Each tomato does a bit more damage but resets the damage after a stock is lost)

Side Special- Shovel Shove
(Jabs his shovel forward with great speed. This does a decent amount of damage amd has great knockback)

Up Special- Peterson's Parasol
(Opens an umbrella from his games, floating up. This does no damage at all)

Down Special- Magnet Mash
(Jumps high into the air, and holds the magnet from his game downwards, lifting enemies under him upwards. If someone is caught, they have a slim period of time to escape, before the get punched back down towards the ground)

Nuetral Air-
(Swings a crowbar in a circle in his hand)

Down Air-
(Stabs a giant car key downwards, with good damage. It has great knockback too.)

Back Air-
(Smacks a large hammer backwards, with good damage and knockback power)

Forward Air-
(Jumps on a mower that rushes forward and hurts anyone directly in front of or underneath of it. The mower disappears when hitting the ground or after going forward for about 3 seconds)

Up Air-
(Points a flashlight upwards, which works as a powerful laser until he hits the ground, where he would turn the light off and shove it in his back pocket)

Side Smash-
(Similar to :ultness:, but with a shovel)

Down Smash-
(Stabs his shovel downward but slightly forward. This can be used to push people holding the ledge off)

Up Smash-
Throws a keycard upwards with extreme force as if it were a ninja star. It can hit people above it, or it can hit when it falls back down after a short period of time)

Side Throw-
(Tosses the opponent slightly forwards and upwards and smacks them with his shovel like a bat)

Down Throw-
(Throws them down, then kicks them slightly for slight damage, and low knockback.)

Up Throw-
(Tosses upwards and stabs with his shovel)

The Neighbor's grab animation sees him holding a beartrap forward as it snaps forward. This actually does a small amount of damage.


A Mannequin appears and Peterson shakes it's hand.

Up- The neighbor looks at a door that spawns beind him and puta a key in. He pushes it open then the door disappears.

Down- The Shadow Man appears and the Neighbor gets scared aandcovers his head.

Peterson spawns into matches locking a blue door, that has wooden barricades nailed to it.

What do you think of my ideas for this character? It may sound childish and stupid, but I'd love to see this happen, as its a game my entire family loves, including my younger brothers and parents (I'm 14). I look forward to reading your thoughts!
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