Europe HFLAN Melee Edition 2017

HFLAN Melee Edition 2017
Posted by exilexi
Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 10:00 AM
Until: Sunday, April 16, 2017 - 08:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/Amsterdam)

Upcoming dates
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May 22, 2016
Dublin, Ireland

Hey guys, remember HFLAN Melee Edition? We're back.

General information

April 15-16, 2017

The venue is going to open on Saturday morning, and will close on Sunday evening. You can sleep at the venue on Saturday night.
Noisy-le-Grand isn't far from Paris and easy to reach with the public transportation system.

The venue
2 boulevard Blaise Pascal
Cité Descartes

The venue is the same as for every HFLAN: an engineering school, and a huge one at that! Couches are set in front of some TVs in order to play comfortably. Top 8 of Singles and Doubles will be conducted in the Grand Auditorium. It has space for 400+ people, features a giant screen as well as a scene at the bottom for the players.

Player cap
256 for Doubles, and 128 teams.

The hosts
The tournament is hosted by the members of the school's gaming club. They do not enter the tournament, but play smash often and follow the activity of the international scene. While one might think that not being a part of the smash community could make them care less about smash players, the reality is actually the opposite. Their dedication is absolutely remarkable, and they always listen to the players' need to make the tournament a better experience. They will take care of the logistics, budget, and pretty much everything but running the tournament in itself.
The TOs and staff coordinators are part of LeFrenchMelee.

Player Fund
For Republic of Fighters 3, we set up a fund in order to bring aMSa to the tournament. For HFLAN, we want to pick another player. We are almost set with the player choice, and the fund should begin in a few days, as soon as his identity is revealed. To give you a hint : HFLAN is quite the grassroots events, and we want to reflect that with the fund. Therefore, the player we pick won't be sponsored. He'll be a well known community member, some sort of people's champion, but above everything else, he'll be a homie.

More information & registration link coming soon - I'll update this post and add the new info to the thread as well!

Events, Schedule, Stream, Ruleset

The following information may change.
The Melee tournament will feature singles and doubles.
Singles: 256 players: 16 bracket pools of 16, top 4 making it to a 64-man bracket
Doubles: 128 teams: 8 pools of 16, top 4 making it to a 32-team bracket.

Amateur brackets will be organized if the schedule allows it.

To be announced.

The event is going to be streamed by GeekyGoonSquad and commentated in English, guaranteeing the best stream quality in Europe. There should be a secondary stream, to be confirmed. A stream schedule will be released prior to the event.

The starter stages will be Battlefield, Dreamland, Final Destination, Fountain of Dreams, Yoshi's Story. Pokémon Stadium will be a counterpick.
Coaching during matches is not allowed.
Find the complete LeFrenchMelee ruleset here, in English:

Our aim is one setups for every 4 or 5 players. It would mean 50 to 64 setups, and, in addition to helping the tournament run faster, it would allow everyone to find free TVs whenever they want.
There may be an option to borrow CRTs and bring them to the hotel on Sunday night after the venue closes.

Registration, Fees and Prizes


On Saturday evening, the venue will be open and you will be able to stay there. However, we will not have a sleeping room, and therefore, you're likely not to have a great night because of the noise or the light. Also, there are no showers at the venue, so we're begging you, please get a hotel room.
However, there are two hotels located less than 5 minutes away from the venue : the first one costs ≈30€/night for 3 persons, and the second one costs ≈65€/night/2 persons. It is strongly advised to book as soon as possible, as the hotels were quickly full for previous editions.
If you need housing before or after the tournament, Parisian smashers may be able to help you. See the Housing Facebook group for that.

Travel information
The venue is located 500m away from the RER Station on the A line. From there, a trip to Paris takes 20mn and costs 4€20.
For more information regarding public transportation in Paris, you can use the website of the local transport authority.

Side events and everything else
  • We'll make you visit Paris on Friday if you come a day early and want to see the most beautiful city in the world (at least according to the Parisians).
  • There will be an afterparty on Sunday night - (Easter) Monday is a bank holiday in many European countries.
  • There will be a Smash Sisters side event
  • There will be international crews
  • Other side events may be organized, depending on what you guys want!


Facebook : LeFrenchMelee
Twitter : LeFrenchMelee
E-mail :


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May 22, 2016
Dublin, Ireland
Thanks to everyone who attended the tournament!

We had 233 players attending the event.

You can find the full brackets here:

This was also the very first French tournament with a ladder system. 135 of you have joined the ladder, and ZCK won it, followed by Dutch player Atlas! Congratulations to everyone! All feedback, of course, will be very appreciated :)