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Helping With Happy Homes- Digby Support Thread


Smash Lord
Jul 31, 2012
Digby Support Thread


Digby was introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS as the twin brother of Isabelle and the head of Happy Homes Showcase. He also returned in Happy Homes Designer, helping the player design facilities such as the school, hotel and stores. He is also playable in Amiibo festival and makes an appearance in Pocket Camp.

But Why Him and Not Mr Resetti or Tortimer? Or a random villager like Julien or Marshal or Shari?

Because being Isabelle's twin brother, he would make the most sense as a echo or semi clone or her.​

Can't He Have a Unique Moveset?

Well anybody could I guess. Here is one I made for him of just the specials and Final Smash.

Neutral Special- Modern Series: Digby places an object from the Modern series next to him. These stand in the way and can be hit into his opponent, much like Pac-Man's fire hydrant. The Modern Table does more damage than the Modern End Table.
Side Special- Card Series: Digby throws a playing card that turns into a peice from the Card Series. The Card Shelf does more damage than the other parts of the set, but it is the rarest one.
Up Special- Balloon Series: Digby pulls out a one piece of the balloon set, the balloon clock, the balloon vanity or the balloon bed. Each of them has the same probability of occurring and the helium in the balloon furniture lifts Digby into the air. The clock lifts Digby the least, the bed lifts him the most and the vanity is halfway between the two.
Down Special- Mush Series. Similar to the Villager's tree, Digby plants a mushroom on the ground which grows into one of three possible Mush furniture. The Mush closet does more damage than the Mush stool, and the Mush dresser does more damage than the Mush Stool. The Mush furniture disappears then.
Final Smash- Golden Series. In order to work, Digby needs to be right infront of his opponent which activates a short cinematic where they are dragged and dropped, on the golden floor, and then the same hand drags parts of the Golden furniture over the opponent and drops it on them.


Smash Journeyman
May 24, 2014
I’d like to see him as an echo. I hope at the very least Isabelle has a pallet swap based on him...


Smash Hero
Jun 8, 2016
Just a few weeks ago, people were saying that Isabelle was going to be an Echo. Now, here we are, discussing a potential Echo of her. How times change.
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Smash Rookie
Oct 28, 2018
They've only revealed 4 skins, so they could do a olimar and alph thing. ¯\_☹ _/¯
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