Hello everyone


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Aug 21, 2016
Hello, I'm TheDarkOne. I like all the Smash games except for Brawl, which I think is merely ok. In 64 I use pretty much everyone but gravitate towards Ness and Luigi the most, in Melee I mainly use Dr. Mario, in Brawl I tended to use Pit and Toon Link, and in Smash 4 I haven't played enough to find a main, but I like Mega Man and Duck Hunt a lot.

I came hear because I really like watching competitive Smash, particularly Melee, and I also like to play the game casually. I've known about this site since I first heard of the tier list (2007, I think). I don't attend tournaments but since Apex is in my home state of New Jersey I would like to attend one of those at some point as a spectator. I am big on retro gaming (mainly because the games are mostly cheap and I don't need to buy a new system to play them), I like watching ice hockey, Formula 1 (but i haven't been keeping up lately), American football, some baseball, some basketball (mostly college), and I consider eSports (like Melee) to be sports. I'm a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda, I've played through Ocarina of Time at least 3-4 times and still consider it amazing.

I frequent GameFAQs a lot, I'm big on the contests they have there (character battles, best game ever contests, etc). I also go to Favslist every now and then to rank my favorite things.

I'm a Computer Science major so one day I hope to create an AI that plays Melee and can learn to get better, like Amiibos, but even moreso than them. It'd be tough but I think it would be possible.


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Aug 4, 2009
The Farthest Shore
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