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Have a Jawbreaker! Candyman Smash Bros. Moveset


Smash Rookie
May 28, 2020
First post here so I probably messed things up but oh well lol

Anyways, I made this a few days ago and I felt like sharing it somewhere it'd get more eyes on it, so why not here?

Yes, Candyman is probably one of the last choices for a character in this game ever, but it's fun thinking about the what ifs, so why not?

Most of these attacks are taken or inspired directly by his moves in Lethal League/Blaze.

Let's get started with this psycho!

Candyman - Lethal League

  • Overview: An agile, very unique and crazy character with alot of very weird knockback angles that are tricky to memorize, and good range due to his cane.

  • Movement: Light, around the same as Mewtwo. Very floaty, with jumps that go super high. Has a faster than average run/walk speed, and a very high air speed and acceleration. Has a very low duck.

  • Special Mechanics: Has a meter above his percentage which fills by 1 bar each time he hits something. When it reaches 4 bars, he gets access to some special abilities, but getting hit will reset the meter.


  • Jab: A quick forwards stab with his cane, which leads to a hit on the head, and finally a backhanded swipe. Rapid Jab is a fast twirl of his cane, similar to Pit's.

  • Dash Attack: Candyman does a split and slides along the ground, hitting both sides of him at once.

  • Getup Attack: Candyman sticks his cane down and spins around it until he gets off of the ground.

  • Stage Getup Attack: While hanging off of the stage using his cane, he pulls himself up, grabs the ledge with his hand, and wacks his cane forward.

  • Forward Tilt: A quick upwards bunt with low power that sends straight up, but can send forward or down if angled.

  • Down Tilt: A quick, breakdance-like spin with his legs. High trip chance.

  • Up Tilt: Fast cane swipe above his head.


  • Neutral Air: Spins his cane around quickly, covering his whole body.

  • Forward Air: Does a quick cane spin which can trap opponents, then slams downwards which can spike at the front of the cane.

  • Back Air: Quick backwards stab.

  • Up Air: Twirls his cane upwards like a helicopter blade. This will delay his fall a bit, but will get worse at this each consecutive use.

  • Down Air: Downwards smack which spikes directly down at the tip.

Smash Attacks:

  • Forward Smash: Sticks his foot out, winds his cane back and then swings it forward full force. Sends straight forward, but can send diagonally up and down if angled.

  • Down Smash: Spins in a circle on one foot, then splits. Similar to Jigglypuff's.

  • Up Smash: Twirls cane, then pokes the end upwards. Sends straight up.

  • Grab: Swipes his hand forward in an attempt to grab anyone in front of him.

  • Pummel: Whacks the opponent on the head with his cane.

  • Forward Throw: Tosses the opponent in the air, then whacks them with his cane.

  • Down Throw: Lifts the opponent up, then quickly tosses them down, hitting them with the cane while spinning.

  • Up Throw: Tosses the opponent up and backwards, hitting them with the cane on the way.


  • Neutral B: Play Ball/Candyball: Summons a small, anti-gravity ball that floats in the air until it is hit. This ball can be hit by any attack from anyone, and the ball will be sent in the same angle the attack would launch a player. Every time it is hit, it speeds up, with stronger attacks speeding it up more, maxing out at the same speed as a Beast Ball. Attacks that do little to no knockback will instead bunt the ball, slowing it down and enabling gravity until it hits a surface again. The faster the ball is, the more damage it will do when it hits a player. This ball will ricochet off of any solid surface, and will disappear upon hitting someone. The last player who hit it cannot be hurt by it. The ball can be grabbed if you airdodge by it, and then thrown in any direction, however this will slow it down a bit. If Candyman has a full special meter, this ball will become a Candyball. The Candyball is nearly identical to the normal ball, however it will go through solid surfaces instead, and come out the other side at the same angle.
  • Side B: Candy Bubble: Tosses a bubble in a forwards arc. This bubble will pop when it hits a surface or a player. It will deal a small amount of damage overtime if it hits a player, and will create a small puddle on surfaces which slowly dries up. Can only have one at a time.

  • Down B: Candy Phase: Candyman sinks into a small puddle he creates on the ground. If a Candy Puddle is active on stage, Candyman will teleport to the puddle and rise out. Can only be used on the ground, and Candyman will pop out instantly if there is no puddle active. Has a weak hitbox when popping out.

  • Up B: Candy Copter: Twirls his cane very quickly above his head, giving him a high lift. Has a hitbox on the cane. Acts very similar to K. Rool's Up B.

Final Smash:

  • Jawbreaker: Candyman boxes the stage in with padded asylum walls, then hits a giant Candyball, making it incredibly fast. This ball will do 10% each time it hits someone, and after a few seconds, will explode into 4 smaller Candyballs which go along the diagonals. The explosion has strong knockback.


  • Up Taunt: Laughs at the opponent's expense.

  • Side Taunt: Takes off his hat and bows while chuckling.

  • Down Taunt: Twirls around in a split, in a breakdance-like fashion.
Aaand that's it! I probably formatted this horribly but oh well. Let me know what you think! Personally I'd love to see this crazy candy clown join the roster, but I know that's a dream and a half, lol. Thanks for reading!
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