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Goro: The Shokan Prince of Pain lands into Smash Bros!!!


Smash Lord
Jun 26, 2011
This is a support thread for the character of Goro from the Mortal Kombat series.

Why Goro?

Back in 2015, Mortal Kombat´s co-creator Ed Boon said on Twitter that he would love to see Scorpion in SSB:

This because Scorpion is the current most popular/main character of Mortal Kombat. However, I feel MK´s most iconic character is Goro as most people; even those not familiar with Mortal Kombat nor video games, relate Goro with Mortal Kombat. This is over simplified with his iconic four arms as he is quickly related to MK with them, and despite Kinatro is stronger, he is nowhere near as popular as Goro is.

But he is too violent! ...And big!
I feel he can be tonned down. Though many complain it would not be a Mortal Kombat character without gore; many of those who want Scorpion agree with that he can be tonned down in a way as he was in the Injustice game. Same I feel with Goro, he would just be a power brawler with rather brutal move sets than violent ones.

For his final smash, I imagine him dropping down around the stage stepping flat on other fighters. Or maybe a really strong fireball or a powerful punch enough to get you out of the arena. Actually in his very first appearance, Goro did not actually had a fatality. Just plain brutal moves.

And yeah he is somewhat big compared to a human fighter from MK, but he could easily fit. Around the likes of size like Bowser, Charizard or Dedede. But more of a fighter. I see him as a mix of Little Mac and Ryu but not as agile.

Also it could be as close as having Machamp in Smash!

Mortal Kombat is a western franchise not known much in Japan!
Well we still have to see a 100% western rep in Smash, and MK has been slightly popular in Japan due to certain characters. So we have to wait and see.

Those brave enough to enter Goro´s Lair!
Ridley_Prime Ridley_Prime
Morbi Morbi
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Proteus Geoform
Sep 18, 2007
Switch FC
Goro would be so random and crazy, so much so it could possibly work! Haha. Support for the hell of it I suppose; at least it's a fresh suggestion compared to the staple ninjas.


Jun 21, 2013
Speculation God, GOML
I actually agree, in a way, Goro is one of the most recognizable Mortal Kombat characters, especially to non-gamers who just watched the film. Hashtag walking punch.
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