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Get EnTHRALLed!!! - Thrall Support Thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 11, 2016
Thrall is a character from Warcraft and he is an Orc and a Warchief of the Horde.

But... Thrall has never been on a Nintendo System...
I have dreams of that changing

Why he would be a great character:
  • He would represent MMORPGs and Real-Time Strategy Games
  • He is an Orc so we can have Orcs vs Humans in Smash
  • He has a big Hammer and Shaman abilities to make a great moveset

Why he would be unlikely:
  • Lack of history with Nintendo
  • Not very demanded

What would he do?
He could use his moves from Heroes of the Storm


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Smash Journeyman
Sep 9, 2018
This would be really cool, but his biggest detractors (aside from not being very requested) are the lack of Nintendo history and competition with more popular Blizzard characters (namely, any Overwatch character). Still, we can dream!

Add me as a supporter.


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Nov 18, 2007
The Infinite Beyond
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To be honest, I've never played any of the Warcraft games and only saw the movie. I remember years ago Blizzard released the original Starcraft and the sequel on Ninendo 64. With these compilation titles coming to Switch like the SNK Anniversary Collection etc, Nintendo and Blizzard could get together to release the first three Warcraft games and their related expansions.


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Writing Team
Dec 10, 2013
Saurfang 2020.

But yeah I support thrall, Warcraft is super important to gaming history.


Smash Champion
Feb 16, 2014
I'd rather best boy Rexxar
Then Illidan, Arthas, and Sylvannas
Gamon is pretty based pick too.


Smash Hero
Dec 9, 2009
I would love a Warcraft character in Smash. My personal choice is Ilidan but Thrall would be great too.


Smash Cadet
Jan 30, 2021
An ancient post with little discussion on it. Even then, people pick out other characters from the same series.

Lets clear the air first on the very Importance of Warcraft. It is somewhat seen by detractors as a 'clone of Warhammers success' because it was taking the concept of Orcs from the rising popularity of DnD like Warhammer was that was taking them from Tolken as a villainous and 'evil' force of 'non' humans with a more tribal and Barbaric culture. Warcraft Orcs vs Humans was just another take of the Orcs as villains against the humans with the notion you could play as the Orcs for an 'evil' campaign. It wasn't the first RTS, but it was one of the more popular ones that lead to a sequel that improved upon many more mechanics and fitting more of a setting that set 'Azeroth' apart from many other worlds. Blizzard went onto their other games as RTS continued to flourish before the pinnacle of RTS for some people was made: "Warcraft III" and later "The Frozen Throne expansion" that gave 4 races to play as, an extremely memorable story spread throughout 7 campaigns and a bonus 'mini-RTS' of sorts and much more. This was also the birthplace of the DOTA genre through the 'Custom Games' people created. To understate Warcraft 3's importance to gaming today is folly (which is why Reforged screwing up so hard REALLY REALLY HURTS)
Now, lets shift from the RTS milestones to what most people will know Warcraft for: WORLD OF WARCRAFT! The MMORPG that still stands today, although a shadow of itself, that has seen millions play all around the world and helped change gaming for better or worse. South Park had an episode about it, It had it's own physical trading card game and a Digital replacement, It had a Mega Bloks line up of toys and more. I bring up the importance of how big WoW is, mostly because there are people who will defend characters who appeared as a party character in one game over 20 years ago that Sakurai said "I thought about it once" and use it as a defense for the importance of that character getting in that a youtuber will make it is namesake and people will cry that the most he will ever get is a costume. And yet this cornerstone of pop culture shall only get a few people on it.

But why Thrall? Is it that I am secretly Chris Metzin and trying to make 'Green Jesus' even more popular despite many others having just as much importance? No/Maybe, But my argument is that Thrall is one of the most unique you can add out of anyone in the Blizzard Library without needing to get really niche. More people would probably want Arthas/Lich King due to the fact that he is the front of Warcraft III and the Expansion and also the main villain of the second Warcraft expansion, but in my eyes... He is just another Human Swordfighter. Illidan would be an interesting option, Night Elf with demonic traits who probably play similarly to Meta Knight... Sylvanas has her fanbase and is important to lore recently, but Thrall brings something else...


Thrall is a melee oriented magic user who doesn't cast magic but summons the power of the elementals. His weapon is a unique short range blunt weapon that makes him more like a brawler and to top it off... He is a race that isn't even in the game. We got all the humans from Anime to 'Homo Nintendus' (Or whatever Mario is), but an Orc? You would be hardpressed to find a character as popular and important as Thrall from another game that is also an Orc. You can argue Night Elves are different then Hylians as 'Elves' or what not, but you cannot deny that you would be hardpressed to find another Orc in gaming that reaches the heights as Thrall without having to go into Warcraft again.

Treading back onto the magic aspect; Shaman magic is quite varied that while the Original poster here states 'Heroes of the Storm', that moveset is basically his Warcraft 3 moveset to a degree. He can call upon Spirit Wolves to knock back enemies, He can cast a chained lightning spell at his enemies, He can cause an earthquake to topple nearby enemies. You can also take from World of Warcraft where Shamans can enhance the power of their weapons with the elements or drop totems that can have special effects. In the Goblin Starter zone, he entraps you into a cyclone so you can shoot lightning at people.

If you needed me to build him a Specials list, I can easily give you this

B: Enhancement - Change the element of your weapon to alter your Smash Attacks; Earth for more knockback, Frost to temporarily freeze, Fire to deal DoT and Electric for more damage. Akin to Shulk's Monodo Arts

B < or >: Chain Lightning - Zap a nearby foe with lightning that can chain to nearby foes, damage dropping per chained foe. Initial hit is 3, but can chain to 5 with a bit of a charge.

B ^: Ghost Wolf - Taking a page from WoW Shamans, Thrall takes on the Ghost Wolf form to leap into the air to recover or attack foes trying to flee into the air. Can pounce in any direction the player shifts towards as well

B ^ Alternative: Stormlift - A more unique one, mirroring Hero's Special ^, Thrall surrounds himself with the winds to shoot himself skyward to recover as the Whirlwind is what will cause damage to foes.

B v: Sunder - Taking the name from Heroes of the Storm, this move is basically Earthquake (Either as Metagross does it or how he does it in Warcraft 3) as he slams Doomhammer into the ground that trips and stuns any opponents around Thrall.

I cannot suggest anything special for references for his other attacks besides his lighter attacks probably being one handed use with his hammer with Smash attacks using both arms. But I can easily point to other references that can be done. First, his taunts can easily be cheers or warcries of 'Lok'tar Ogar" (Victory or Death in Orkish) and "Storm, Earth, and Fire; Heed my Call"; An Easter Egg for the Warcraft III for when a Shaman was built that is also refrenced at the start of the song 'Power of the Horde'.

As well, Thrall can easily get two different skins that can reference many things. His 'Warchief' skin references Doomhammer's armor which he wore from the tutorial of Warcraft 3 until Cataclysm. Alternate schemes can offer a more red armor and skin tone to reference the Horde and Garrosh Hellscream, Black skin to refrence Doomhammer and the Blackrock Orcs and even white along with the look of a Death Knight to represent the Scourge or his Hearthstone only appearance as such.

His other 4 outfits can use his 'Shaman' outfit from Cataclysm to Legion. For other options, You can give him Purple to reference his longtime friend (despite many issues): Jaina Proudmoore, black to reference Gul'dan who was the one to corrupt the orcs and lastly a Blue robe to represent the Alliance as well despite it being perhaps the most clashing idea for him.

Lastly, despite my build up of all this... This character is a longshot impossible dream due to the fact Warcraft has never had a game type that would work well on a Nintendo console. Blizzard has the option to many second-hand studios to make new titles for their franchises and yet the most seen is Diablo Immortal which is a phone game being developed by an outside Chinese developer that no one cares or talks about online despite it's release. If Thrall were to get in, he would completely need to smash the notion that you needed to have a series on a Nintendo console. I hope more people read this and support Thrall since this is a legit good character with lots avalable to make it happen that is squashed under a bunch of lesser characters who have to longshot what they have done to even get in.


Smash Cadet
Jan 30, 2021
Hell, Further add some more fuel to ignite the flames of War and call out to the Horde. Here is some proposed Stage and Music ideas since Warcraft has some majorly amazing scores and places to explore.


Not the Homeworld of the Orcs, but the titular 'World of Warcraft'. The map will cycle between 5 different locations, the transition being a portal effect which are common place in Warcraft.


Thrall favoritism of being the character places this as the first location. And we do Old school Orgrimmar. This is a simple walkoff stage where it is flatish terriain where Warriors of the Horde watch on as a formed crowd as warriors battle it out on the streets of this Rustic Horde Capital. Optionally, one could have barriers in the form of the crowd knocking people back INTO the arena meaning you gotta make people fly over the crowd to defeat them. Among the many normal members of the Horde of Grunts and Peons, Tauren Braves and Troll Mystics, you may even see some characters wearing famous tier sets from Warcraft Raids cheer on as stand in's for player characters. As well, You will even spot the likes of Caine, Vol'jin, and Sylvanas watching on while Goblin Zepplins fly overhead with Wind Rider patrols.


If you add Orgrimmar, you gotta add Stormwind. This map changes the layout by shortening the map by making drops on either side as the members of the Alliance mirror the Horde in the same manner. Gnomish troops, Stormwind Guards and Night Elven druids watch on with other 'players' boasting more famous raid gear from the Raids of WoW. Guest Appearances include Magni Bronzebeard (pre-diamond), Varian and Anduin Wrynn and Prophet Velen as you can see the Gryphons fly by and even the Skyfire.


It wouldn't be 'WARCRAFT' without the 'WAR' which we start off with the Classic 'Horde vs Alliance' of Warsong Gulch in Ashenvale that brings back a walk-off but adds platforms in the form of trees to bring more height to the battle as one can see the Horde and Alliance fighting in the background for control with easter eggs such as a flag being stolen, people mounting in the middle of battle and cameos from Garrosh and Tyrande joining the battle.


I was torn on this one, Since I wanted to bring up two expansion to continue the 'War' idea even if perhaps this is too much stage swapping. I skipped to WOTL because it would be a sin to not include the Lich King. Other options were the ICC Ramparts or Wrathgate, but fighting between the Horde and Alliance gunships as the two battles fight it out in an extended non-canon moment as the background shows the fighting on the ramparts, dogfights between Horde and Alliance fighters against Frost Wyrms and the Lich King boss fight against the Argent Crusade on top of Icecrown Citadel was too much to pass up. Throw in the fact you can fall between the ships make it probably the most unique of them.


Again, stretching this out despite this being too many maps for a stage to swap between most likely but... 5 is better fit then 4 and like it is a sin to not include the Lich King... You gotta do Illidan as well. However, Illidan was Outlands until the second assault on the Tomb of Sargaras and that is a new better fit for a more slanted battlefield where heroes of the Horde and Alliance are working together against the massive demons in the background with Illidan leading a charge of Illidari in the background.

There were other places I considered, such as the Maelstorm or Pandaria... but I think these are perhaps some of the biggest highlights in Warcraft to highlight these famous characters and places many fans would know with it being explored as fun background detail as you play a giant Space Lizard smacking an Electric rodent with a hammer.

This is a series with a lot of good music. Some probably need to be remixed to fit more the Smash style, but some standouts I'll share include


Smash Ace
Jul 4, 2010
Ontario, Canada
I support Thrall. I think Crash should get in first as far as Activision Blizzard reps go, but Warcraft is on top for just Blizzard itself. The orcs of Warcraft are super iconic, so Thrall makes perfect sense to be the rep. Though, he does have competition with Arthas.


Smash Hero
Nov 8, 2007
Ecuador - South America
I support Thrall.

Warcraft was one of those game series which I became obsessed with for a while. Warcraft 2 to be exact (surprised it wasn't WoW?)

Unfortunately for someone who doesn't like MMOs, WoW pretty much eclipsed it's RTS predecessors and I feel they've lost all relevance. Thus any and probably all references to a Warcraft character would be based on WoW.

Still, I like it way to much for this to be an issue.

Thrall, (or any Orc hero) is among my most wanted western character reps. Probably 2nd to Doom Slayer alone.

My biased stage idea would be the Dark Portal area, during the final battle of the first game. And we can see Orcs stepping out, and humans pushing them back and attacking the portal as well.
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