Gamecube Controller Price Guide (And Info) - OUTDATED

Your favorite controller?

  • Indigo

    Votes: 14 10.0%
  • Jet Black

    Votes: 12 8.6%
  • Spice Orange

    Votes: 12 8.6%
  • Platinum

    Votes: 4 2.9%
  • Indigo/Clear

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • Emerald Blue

    Votes: 32 22.9%
  • Clear

    Votes: 12 8.6%
  • Starlight Gold

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • Crystal White / Pearl White

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • Symphonic Green

    Votes: 17 12.1%
  • Resident Evil 4

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Hanshin Tigers

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Char's Customized Box

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • Panasonic Q

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • White

    Votes: 17 12.1%
  • Mario

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Luigi

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Wario

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Club Nintendo

    Votes: 6 4.3%
  • Wavebird Grey

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Wavebird Platinum

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • Wavebird Club Nintendo

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Wavebird Char's Customized

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Black Super Smash Bros.

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • White Super Smash Bros.

    Votes: 6 4.3%
  • ASCIII / Sammy Keyboard Controller

    Votes: 5 3.6%

  • Total voters
Apr 4, 2018
It basically feels like a third party controller
I've heard the lightweight feel is only because the controller has no rumblers. Not a deal breaker for me.
The buttons are stiff
Isn't that a good thing? I've always had problems when buttons feel soft or spongy. The stiff ones always seem next to bulletproof.
the triggers are really bad and so are the sticks
That's almost vague enough to disregard. I've seen a few unboxing videos and as far as you can see and hear; the sticks seem to have a strong, solid, springy click reminiscent of the old school gamecube controllers. As opposed to the loose, shifty garbage sticks you see everywhere from department store usb controllers to Gamestop brand. As far as the shoulder triggers go; PDP pads seem to take after the original directly. Nothing like those Playstation Dualshock-esque triggers on the Hori Battle Pads.
they are super pretty
I don't really care. Fashion is a nice option, but function comes first.
I would go for a boxed set if I was you
Of course. I only accepted buying the Wii-U used because Gamestop gives a two-year warranty. Obviously they warranty new as well, but that's just not affordable for me.
they don't seem to be too expensive right now
Now you see why I'm so enamored with them. I'm sure you can get lucky buying cheap used Nintendo Brand controllers online, but you can also get unlucky. I can't risk blowing money on something that won't work after a month.
I'm personally not buying anything that doesn't have the Gamecube plug on it
Then I also need the adapter. Around $20 depending on the source. I have a maximum budget of $80. Give me a link to buy four brand new Nintendo Gamecube Controllers for $15 each and I will worship you.
That's a good collection to start
I'm not trying to start a collection. I can't afford to collect nice things. I just want my crew to be able to play Sm4sh (with something besides these dreaded Wiimotes) without having to constantly buy replacements, racking up wasted money after time. Sure I'd like Nintendo Official. Everyone would. I have one that we got for $11 when we bought our Gamecube something like 15 years ago. It outlived the Gamecube itself and powered through Brawl's lifespan. But 15 years and it's ready to die. Obviously I don't expect that kind of life from PDP, but at least a few years. This review says he has already (as of writing) gotten some significant (albeit unspecified) time out of his. Are you telling me decent quality products at a reasonable price just isn't possible anymore?
a plethora of controllers you probably won't ever use
Maybe you're the wrong person to ask... I don't think you've logged enough time into a PDP Pad to really know in where it falls short. And that's really what I need to know. How long do these things last? What typically breaks down first? My original Silver controller lost the D-pad (mostly) about a year ago, and recently the stick doesn't go left. Everything else on it is practically perfect. I feel like you're just writing off the PDP Fightpad because it's not as good as the best. But I already know that. I need to know just how close it comes. Second best is still far greater than anything I have now. And If you have any better Ideas at any better price, I would be eternally grateful to you.
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Smash Cadet
Oct 26, 2016
United States, Utah
Love this thread. Thanks for the info on the controllers and prices. I am gonna start making some money (lol broke) and buy one for competitive sm4sh. Still haven't decided yet...


Smash Rookie
Jun 26, 2018
Hi! I bought the Symphonic Green from Ebay France after your thread on this forum. Thank you very much for help! I have now 17 of 25 and your help have been usefull for me! Can i see pictures of your collection? The link doesnt work anymore.


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Jun 26, 2018
Thanks for picture! AMAZING! :) Here come my prices incl shipping.
I live in Norway so shipping are very expensive sometimes. I also have to pay TAX for everything over 40 dollars, but only one item have been stopped in customs so far ;)

The prices are in NOK; 1 USD are about 8 NOK.
I dont collect boxes, but most of the controllers are 7/10 or better in condition. Original stick. All of them opened and cleaned by myself.

164,- Indigo Clear
252,- Resident Evil Silver/Black
210,- Silver
255,- Black
243,- White
251,- Orange
336,- Black Smash
318,- White Smash
307,- Emerald
470,- Symphonic Green (BEST DEAL SO FAR)
513,- Panasonic
424,- Clear
400,- Indigo inc. Concsole PAL
1116,- Clear pearl inc. Console PAL
1140,-Char inc. Console (like new) (2 BEST DEAL SO FAR)
1091,- Gold inc. Console (stopped in customs, before taxes original 690,- NOK)
356,- Luigi (ALSO GOOD DEAL)
550,- Hanshin (not arrived yet)
301,- Wavebird Silver (not arrived yet)

50,- mario party microphone

Link to my collect. I will soon make a better space for them. (sorry for my english =) )
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