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From Helper to Hero: Tac!


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Mar 24, 2015
Switch FC
"Kirby's not the only hero! Helpers can be heroes, too!"
- Helper to Hero

Who is he? What is he?
Hailing from Kirby Super Star, Tac could be called Pop Star's world renowned cat burglar! Having a minor role compared (and akin to) Waddle Dees, Tac, along with the rest of his race, seem to hail from an unknown star within Milky Way Wishes. Though silent, individuality drips from them, having stylish bags and rather airy choice of footwear. However, their most prominent trait is their method of offense: stealing!

Tac, using Steal.

Unlike many enemies in the series, Tac is a helper with an ability exclusive to him, called Copy. When using this ability, Tac shoots his big ol' hand, taking the ability of the enemy in front of him. In addition to serving as a pseudo-kirby, he also becomes said ability's helper (albeit with a question mark on its icon). He can revert back to normal at any time.
But what happens when Kirby eats Tac?
Well, he just kinda ends up right back where he'd started.

Copy Kirby scans enemies in front of him, taking their abilities and causing them to explode.

That's cool and all, but...why Tac?

Beyond being one of my personal favorite helpers, I feel that there's genuine potential left untapped with this character. Much like Bandanna Dee (who I also support, go figure), Tac's design stays memorable through pure simplicity and charm. Even if you aren't aware of his existence through Kirby, his minor appearances in Smash thus far already spark a reminder to many. Apparently, this isn't that much of a secret, as he's appeared in several games throughout the main series, too. His trophies in the Smash series have also varied through versions, being the only one in 3DS/Wii U to do so. In terms of a moveset, Tac has an amazing variety of options. While characters such as Buggzy are limited to their source ability, Tac's signature is based off of utilizing everybody else's. So, instead of sticking to one source ability, every ability from the series can be used! It'd be an incredible way of representing helpers as a whole, giving more of Kirby's friends a chance in the spotlight.

What of his relevancy?

Well, there's not much that can be said about it. My love for the obscure keeps him relevant to me, but not for many else. Truth be told, however, I feel this doesn't completely hinder his chances. With no true anchor of popularity, Tac would make a perfect fit to the "characters that nobody expected" niche, right next to picks like Duck Hunt and R.O.B.. While it's true that they have much more relevancy, I don't think anybody was ready to kill Ganondorf with an actual toy gun.
Besides this, he could also satisfy the increasing amount of swordsman fatigue within the community, offering tactics from a more trickster/thief oriented style of play.

Feels like somebody more important should be in.
That's absolutely understandable! Entities like Dark Matter are much more prominent in the Kirby series, giving them more reason to appear in a Smash title. With 3 current reps, all of which being staples, it still wouldn't hurt to imagine who else could bring something new to the table.

I just think he's neat!

Potential moveset provided in the image above!

{My friends, who don't have smashboards accounts}
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I know nothing about the guy but he looks cool so i support
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