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Frog Reaches His Epoch! Frog for Smash Ultimate!


Smash Lord
Oct 30, 2018
WHO, is the question most are asking.
who is frog?
Frog is one of the main characters in the famous 1995 RPG Chrono Trigger.
Why him and not Crono?
Crono would be a bit generic as a character, while Frog would provide some uniqueness to the roster.
But isn't he just another sword fighter?
No. Frog would be atypical for a sword char in that he would be a lightweight AND would have high jumps, giving him an interesting approach game because because this would be like Falco's jumps with Pika's weight. He also has water magic and unique techs. He would have command grabs, spells, and sword attacks all wrapped into one char.
Ok, what about a stage?
Sure! there are plenty of locations from Chrono Trigger that would work. Like Magus's Castle, or the Black Omen.
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