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Formula for the % chance you will drop a turnip when hit


NJ TO & Peach knitwit
Jan 10, 2014
kounotori tweeted this to kadano today regarding radiogiraffe's reddit post asking about what causes peach to drop a turnip when she is hit by an attack
so the chance that peach (or anyone) will drop a held item when hit by an attack is (HitboxDamage/60), and kadano gives the examples of fully charged flare blade = 50/60=83% and marth's fthrow =4/60=6.66%. capes cannot cause you to drop an item.

this is the case in both ssb64 and melee apparently. really neat since this may have not been known outside of japan until now

EDIT: more from achilles
There seems to be A LOT more going on than just that formula, but I think it is correct for the most part.

The game takes the damage (staled) being dealt to a player and rounds it down to an integer. Pulls a random number between 0-60, inclusive. Checks to see if the random number is less than the damage being dealt. If so, start running other checks to drop the item. And there are a lot of them, that I don't feel like spending hours/days trying to reverse.

You cannot drop an item upon being hit if the attack element you are being hit by is Cape.

You cannot drop an item upon being hit if you are in the DamageIce action state.
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