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Flipnote Frog Flips Into The Fight!


Smash Rookie
Apr 5, 2018

Who is the Flipnote Frog?

The Flipnote Frog is the mascot of Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Hatena, and serves as the tutorial in the Flipnote series of applications. The frog helps the player as they preform various tasks, or when they need assistance.
What is Flipnote Studio / Flipnote Hatena?

Flipnote Studio, originally released in Japan as Moving Notepad, is a free downloadable application for the Nintendo DSi's DSiWare digital distribution service. Developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo, Flipnote Studio allows the user to create both word and picture-based notes with the stylus, add sound, and put them together to create frame-by-frame flipbook-style animations. Flipnote Hatena was a service that ran from 2008 to 2013 that allowed users to share their own Flipnotes with other animators on a social media-esque platform, but it shut down in 2013, only to be replaced with Flipnote Studio 3DS for the 3DS in 2016, which featured its own online-sharing capabilities within the application.
But why though?

The DSi and the DS were both very important parts of Nintendo history. Yet, neither has any representation in any Smash game. What better representation than one of the most popular applications's mascots? Plus, the sequel. Flipnote Studio 3D (Which was released originally exclusive to Club Nintendo members after the discontinuation of Club Nintendo), was released in 2016, (maybe?) coinciding with Smash 5 development.
What kind of moveset would this guy have?

Neutral - Flipnote Frog pulls out his tounge and whips with it. It can be uses in a fury if pressed repeatedly.
Forward - Flipnote Frog slaps with his frog hand.
Up - Flipnote Frog spits his tounge high up into the air.
Down - Flipnote Frog spins his tounge in a circle around him.
Dash - Flipnote Frog uses his loading spin to launch himself forward.
Forward - Smash Flipnote Frog cracks his tounge like a very powerful whip.
Up Smash - Flipnote Frog handstands and throws his feet up into the air.
Down Smash - Flipnote Frog uses his down attack but as a smash attack.
Neutral Aerial - Flipnote Frog swings his tounge around him.
Back Aerial - Flipnote Frog swings his tounge behind him.
Up Aerial - Flipnote Frog uses his loading spin mid-air.
Down Aerial - Flipnote Frog uses his loading spin downward.
Ledge Attack - Flipnote Frog jumps up quickly and rams forward.
Grab - Flipnote Frog uses his tounge as a tether grab. Can also grab ledges.
Pummel - Flipnote Frog slaps his grabbed opponent.
Forward Throw - Flipnote Frog bounces his opponent against the ground forward.
Back Throw - Flipnote Frog uses his forward throw only behind him.
Up Throw - Flipnote Frog tosses his opponent above him and jump straight into him.
Down Throw - Flipnote Frog drop him opponent down and jump on top of him.
Special - Sprays a can of paint. The paint doesn't stay, but the paint mist coming from the can will harm foes.
Side Special - Flipnote Frog sketches out a random attack.
Spear- Throws a sketched out spear.
Bob-Omb- A sketched bob-omb walks forward and explodes upon impact or after a few seconds have passed.
Water Gun- Shoots a blast of sketch water from a large water gun.
Boomerang- Throws a sketch boomerang that returns to him.
Sword-Pulls out a large sketch sword to slash with.
Down Special -Shakes an eraser, creating an eraser dust cloud to stay on screen for a few seconds, harming players who enter it. Only one cloud can be created per player at once.
Up Special - Flipnote Frog uses a flipbook down with a random animation (Mario world 1-1, Zelda NES beginning, Metroid VS Ridley) and causes a breeze that lifts him up.
Final Smash - Flipnote Frog traps an opponent in a circle. He uses a sketched out version of that character's final smash against them.
Stage Entrance - A DSI Stylus appears and sketches Flipnote Frog.
Idle - Flipnote Frog sits on all fours. He blinks every now and then.
Up Taunt - Sketches a face sticking out it's tounge.
Side Taunt - Sketches out a lauching face.
Down Taunt - Sketches out a random object (Mushroom, Triforce, Tomato, Pokeball, Metroid)
Victory Pose - Comes in on a sketch skateboard and does an ollie, followed by sketching on some sunglasses.
Victory Tune - A short version of Pictochat.
ground attacks

neutral: headbutts, slaps, and then sticks out his tong

forward tilt: swipes a paintbrush forward

down tilt: jumps forward a tiny bit

up tilt: hops up and swipes above himself

dash: jumps forward really far

aerial attacks

neutral: spins around with his tong extended

forward: a boxing glove spring is drawn in front of him and it shoots out

down: a brick is drawn under him and tied to him making him shoot down quickly with a stall and fall effect and meteor mashes anyone hit breaking the brick and allowing flipnote frog to gain a small hop because of the debris that hit him

up: sprays spray paint at the opponent

back: kicks back

smash attacks

forward: smashes a drawn axe over his head and into the ground

down: bricks are drawn on either side of him and smash down to the ground and brake

up: draws a bomb and throws it overhead

other attacks

fallen: jumps up and spins really fast

ledge attack: gets up and jabs out with his tong

100% ledge attack: jumps up and hits his opponents with a hammer

special attacks

neutral: spray paint, pulls out a can of spray paint and sprays out a ball of paint that stays in the air for 6-9 seconds doing damage to anyone that hits it, but only 3 can be out at a time and if he tries to spray more he will just shake the bottle doing nothing.

side: hero, puts on a cape and dashes forward giving him super armor only doing a tiny bit of damage to anyone hit, this move can be charged

down: eraser, holds out an eraser absorbing any projectile at all and can be held forever unless he is hit but if he has absorbed anything and you release the button he will fling the eraser a short ways doing 2x what the absorbed projectile would have done, this move can turn around by changing the direction of the control stick

up: rocket guns, points two big drawn guns down and shoots three small rockets down that explode on impact and every time he shoots the knockback shoots him upward and the second two shots can be controlled like Diddy Kong’s final smash

final smash: missile launcher, flipnote frog draws a giant gun full of missiles that he shoots and it looks kind of like Mario’s mario final but instead of carrying the foe across the stage it will explode on impact doing about the knockback of a bomb-omb.

entrance: a pencil appears and drawls him on to the screen.


one: hops up and down

two: pulls out a piece of paper and starts to draw on it

three: looks up and swings his song in the air like a lasso

victory poses

one: hops around and occasionally looks at the screen

two: he sprays some spray paint in the air for a little while and then starts shaking the can

three: jumps up and down but it looks choppy like a stop motion
N-Special: Animated Tongue

Flipnote Frog slurps out his tongue. it is a very fast attack and it slaps such as Peach's Jab. It's effect is that the longer you hold it, the longer the tongue goes. 6%
S-Special: Note Scatter

A random stack of notes appears in front of the frog, and he jumps into it, scattering them everywhere. 1% each, no flinch.
D-Special: Paper Dome Shield

Flipnote Frog attaches a stylus to his tongue and draws a dome shield of paper around himself. The dome shield can only hold 10% and goes everywhere with Froggy man.
U-Special: Note Tower

The cover of Flipnote is a stack of notes, so a stack appears under the frog and it shoots Flipnote Frog up, going about 10 Bowsers horizontally and vertically.
I started this thread as a joke but after making it I honestly support this ~

Sheng Long

Smash Apprentice
Jul 28, 2014
Hyper Zone
Yes please, I forgot about this but now that you reminded me, I remember how interesting this frog would be in Smash. I have no idea why but I've always liked the design of the character, just an orange frog.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 18, 2020
This thread is long dead but I would honestly support this. Even if not as a character, but a Flipnote stage would be awesome too. Yes, this NEEDS to happen!
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