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Flaoc SSB64 Tournament Series (Toronto, Canada) - Flaoc 16: Feb. 13th


Smash Cadet
May 30, 2013
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I decided to post a tournament thread for the series here in the 64 section since pidge only does it in the tournaments section. Hopefully this way more people will find out about these tournaments and we can get more people coming out. I'll do my best to keep this updated.

(Tournament info courtesy of pidgezero_one)

Flaoc Vids:

Ontario Smash 64 Youtube Channel:


Twitch Stream:

Toronto Smash 64 Power Rankings:

Summer 2015: http://smashboards.com/threads/southern-ontario-smash-64-power-rankings-summer-2015.420370/

Winter 2015: http://smashboards.com/threads/ontario-ssb64-power-rankings-part-ii-electric-boogaloo.397520/
Summer 2014: http://smashboards.com/threads/the-ontario-ssb64-power-rankings-september-2014.366058/

Results threads and brackets for past Flaocs:

#16: We <3 Low Tiers
happy valentine's day, samus fanboys

It's the middle of February, and love is somehow in the air despite it being cold and miserable outside with the sky being a very unflattering shade of grey every day of the month. Who needs that kind of negativity in their life? Since you're all very responsible young ladies and gentlemen who clearly haven't waited until the last minute to make Valentine's Day plans and gift purchases for your applicable significant others or fan obsessions, bring some colour into your lives this Valentine's Day weekend by playing teams games with your friends in the 64 community. Bonus points if you go Kirby x Jigglypuff.

Saturday February 13, 2016
Location: A & C Games, 452 Spadina Ave
Cost: $5 venue fee
$5 for Smash 64 singles
$5 per person ($10 per team) for Smash 64 doubles
$2 per person for Low Tiers
  • Explanation: The Venue Fee is the price we collectively pay to rent A&C's space, you give this money to the A&C employees when you walk in. The singles/doubles fee is what goes into the pot for the tournament winners, you give this money to me when I open registration.
Venue opens: 12:00 pm
Registration opens: 1:00 pm
Doubles registration closes: 2:00 pm
Doubles starts: 2:15 pm
Singles registration closes: 3:00 pm
Singles starts: 3:30 pm
Low tiers starts: TBA depending on Singles progress, most likely before 6 pm

You can play friendlies at any time that TVs are not being used for tournament matches. If you would like to set up another smash game, please wait until top 8.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/151931405185920/

  • A controller. All players are advised to bring their own controllers. Sometimes there are spares, but there is no guarantee that there will be enough. A & C Games will also lend you a controller for $5.
    • Note: I provide four special adapters (CONFIRMED WORKING AS OF AUGUST 23) that will let you use any controller on a Nintendo 64 console, so long as your controller is USB compatible. However, one of my USB hubs is malfunctioning, and using any controller besides a keyboard can be quite temperamental. Please use a N64 controller if you can, so that people don't have to wait for you to play your match.
    • I also provide direct gamecube-to-n64 adapters. I have 2 that can be borrowed.
  • A Smash 64 cartridge. It's fine if you don't have one to bring. But we always need extras to make sure we have enough setups. Don't bring N64 consoles or TVs unless specified at a later date, the venue provides those for us.
  • If you provide equipment, please make sure it has your name on it somewhere. A & C Games can provide masking tape if you need it. I will not accept unlabeled equipment.
  • Cash. I do not accept entry into singles or doubles with anything other than physical cash. No debit or credit. Make sure you have enough on you beforehand! And make sure you pay venue fee before attempting to join the tournament.
  • Your friends. The more people that show up, the more matches everyone gets to play!

General Rules
  • All sets are best-of-3 games. Finals (Top 3) are best-of-5, in pro and amateur brackets.
  • If any game results in a tie or sudden death, both players will play a 1 stock match to determine the winner.
  • Expand the spoiler for information on bracket format and payouts:
  • Any singles event with 32 entrants or more will have qualifier pools, a pro bracket, and an amateur bracket.
  • Any singles event with 8 to 31 players will be a straight double elimination bracket.
  • Any singles event with 7 players or less will be round robin.
  • Any singles event with 8 to 20 people inclusive will have tiebreaker pools. (That means if we have 32+ people who are divided up into pro and amateur bracket, a decision for tiebreaker pools will be made separately for each bracket.) 21 entrants or more will mean no tiebreakers.
  • Any doubles event with 5 teams or less will be round robin.
  • Any doubles event with 6 teams or more will be straight double elimination.
  • Any singles or doubles event with 9 entrants/teams or less will have winner-takes-all payout.
  • Any singles or doubles event with 10 or more entrants will have 60-30-10 payout.
  • Players may request a "button check" before beginning their set. (Start up on any stage to test out your buttons and make sure your controller is working properly, then exit the game, and start your set for real)
  • If one player believes their opponent is purposely counterpicking their character on the select screen before the start of the first game, a Double Blind Pick may be requested. (Both players tell a TO their preferred character in private, and the TO will select for them.)
  • If a player pauses mid-match, the opponent has the right to force the pauser to forfeit a stock if desired. Disputes will be decided by a TO.
  • Do not coach for longer than 30 seconds.
  • Please ask me first before leaving the venue for food, smoke breaks, etc if you have any matches coming up. If we don't know where you are when your match comes up, you run the risk of being disqualified.
  • If you are going to be late, you can contact a TO at your own risk (I don't check my phone during doubles), but you will NOT be allowed into the bracket if you show up after it has been seeded already. Don't take the gamble, plan ahead and arrive on time.
  • Please try not to disrupt tournament matches. If you need to ask a TO something, please wait until a break between games to ask.
  • No alcohol in the venue, keep it in your bag.
  • Please clean up after yourselves and throw your garbage out.
Singles + Doubles Gameplay Rules - Modified Apex 2015 Ruleset

  • 5 Stocks, no items, all characters legal, 1v1.
  • All tournament sets start on Dream Land. (However, if both players agree to it, another stage may be used. This includes stages only accessible via Gameshark.)
  • The loser of the previous game chooses the stage for the next game. The stage may be Dream Land, Peach's Castle, Kongo Jungle, or Hyrule Castle. (However, if both players agree to it, another stage may be used. This includes stages only accessible via Gameshark.)
  • There are no stage bans. DSR and DMSR are NOT in effect.
  • In doubles, people who use special controllers may only team together provided there are enough adapters for everyone to use in the event that 3 or more of them face each other.
  • If a player uses Dark DK, Dark Samus, or Dark Captain Falcon on Kongo Jungle, the opponent may request the player to change colour. The request must be honoured if made before any damage is dealt by either player.
Low Tier Rules
  • All of the same rules as singles, EXCEPT you may only use Samus, DK, Ness, Link, and Luigi.



Anyone is allowed to commentate. However, for the sake of commentary quality, newer commentators should be paired with experienced commentators, and experienced commentators get priority. Please talk to the stream manager, Lil_Devil55, if you would like to commentate.

If you are leaving the commentary station, please find someone to replace you. I do not want gaps where we have no commentators.

Swearing is permitted on commentary, but please try not to be too excessive.


There is a Burger King and a Popeye's and a Mr. Sub across the street for starters. You can find all kinds of food around here since it's in the middle of downtown Toronto. There is also a new Smoke's Poutinerie across Spadina and College.


Bookmark http://ontario-smash.com to find Facebook groups for your preferred games there.
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Jul 13, 2011
did i really put lenny faces in 3 results threadds


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Aug 28, 2014
Some great sets and the commentators were hilarious.
Are there results anywhere?


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Sep 27, 2014
PREDICTIONS for bottom tier battle? Who on the PR is attending ?


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May 13, 2012
Bout to drop 2 HUNNA on passport to go get me some bagged milk... BANG BANG
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