Flame Cancelling: How and Why?


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Jan 20, 2015
Hi! So I recently moved my main to Bowser, and I'm definitely quite good, good enough to main him in tournaments. I have all the tech down, understand his spacing game, and know all the armor. I can take stocks and games off legitimately good players. The one thing I'm not 100% with is Flame Cancelling. How does one do it, and more importantly, when are the times to apply it? (I've always found that the second one is good to address when learning tech).


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Jun 26, 2007
Napa Valley, Ca
You press neutB any frame before you land, and you 'cancel' all the starting animation and immediately start spouting flame. The flame goes quite far, and can put on easy easy percentages. If I'm playing against particularly stubborn or bad players, I get easy 20%, which isn't super-typical. You use this to punish people who try to DD/space any falling aerial or grab happy players.

Full hop Fair into flamecancel on ledge punishes most options from ledge if you have a player that's a little slow or patient when moving from the ledge. There are plenty of different uses for it, but I usually just do it for the aforementioned option, of punishing DD/Grabs, depending on DI, %, and weight, you can follow up with an ftilt into an edgeguard situation. Flame canceling isn't strictly necessary, but when utilized, gives yourself a lot of good.
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