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Aug 3, 2011
I was gonna shoot you at some point till i learned you were BP
i know you are one to reconsider things near endgame no matter how convinced you are of something and you always seem townie to me when you are, like its just welp ryu is town again


Jul 20, 2008
Jeez that took forever. Beats doing these dam job assessments though. Scum Convo.

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Class: Priest
Skill: Miracle
Usable Weapons: Staves
Starting Weapon: Mend (Staff)

You are Brady, son of Maribelle. You are a crude, mannerless young man, much to the chagrin of your prim and proper mother. However, you have been classically trained in the fine arts and are especially adept at playing the violin, despite your distaste for noble activities and posturing. You greatly wish to join your comrades in the fray of battle, but your talents are more suited for healing than hurting.

Your holy power allows you to survive some otherwise fatal attacks. Two strikes are required to eliminate you.

During the Day phase, you may imbue one living player with the ability to survive one normal attack. This effect will last until the targeted player is attacked. Like all other weapon actions, the use of this ability ends the Day phase. This ability cannot be used on yourself. You may find it more comfortable to use the command "Mend" rather than "Attack" in order to use this ability. Either word will be recognized as being legitimate initiations of the action.

You are aligned with the Town and win when all followers of Grima have been eliminated.


Class: Myrmidon
Skill: Vantage
Usable Weapons: Swords
Starting Weapon: Steel Sword (Sword)

You are Owain, son of Lissa. Described by your cousin Lucina as “colorful,” you are known for your theatrical manner of speaking and penchant for nicknaming weapons. You have a very romantic perception of heroism, which incites a thirst for battle as well as storytelling. As overly dramatic as you may be, you’re reliable in a fight and entertaining (if sometimes annoying) in a conversation.

If you are attacked during the Day or Night phase while holding a usable weapon, you will strike your attacker first.

You are aligned with the Town and win when all followers of Grima have been eliminated.


Class: Taguel
Skill: Even Rhythm
Usable Weapons: Beaststones
Starting Weapon: Beaststone

You are Yarne, son of Panne. As the last living Taguel, it has become your top priority to avoid conflict so as to keep your lineage alive. While your mother seized every opportunity to prove the might of her species in battle, you usually use your heritage as reason to run away from any sign of danger. What a ‘fraidy bunny.

Even Rhythm
You are only able to successfully Attack during even Day phases (D2, D4, etc.). If you attempt to Attack on an odd Day phase, you will fail and the Day will end. Your weapon will not break in this scenario.

You are aligned with the Town and win when all followers of Grima have been eliminated.

Please note that these are merely suggested safeclaims. They are designed in such a way as to be sure that they do not conflict with the rules set up by this game, nor other role PMs. You are allowed and encouraged to modify them as you see fit, or simply ignore them and create your own if you so choose.
Oh, also, there's one extra thing of note for you guys because it doesn't apply to Town. Everything I say about weapon trading in the OP applies to you guys, but in addition to that, you are also allowed to Trade weapons at Night. However, Trading is still considered an action, so if you do decide to Trade at Night, the player doing the Trading will not be able to execute the Night Kill. You can Trade once, then you're basically frozen until the next phase.
I'm Validar. My weapon has infinite uses, I have protection from 1 attack (unless in the case of an uncommonly strong attack, which will still kill me in 1 attack.)
Hey yo,

I'm gangrel
basically my role is a goon, and you guys can't kill during the day either right ?
@Circus: Is our ability to trade at night only among ourselves? Or may we also trade with someone we have paired up with?

And may we post our role PMs?
Yes, you may post your role PMs here. No, you cannot trade at night with people you're paired with, just with scummates. You can trade with people you're paired with during the day, just like townies.
Postes you guyses
ok so clearly we get zen to lylo and have him double alpha for the win with hsi extra kill
also to avoid zens weapon breaking, he should trade dabuz for the grima of unbreakability.

Agree / disagree ?
Also, because dabuz has a ability protecting him from extra powerful abilities, imma assume there is one, so we should hunt that dude down and kill him first.
Basically. N1 Zen and I trade while you kill. Afterwards we save that ability OR we can use it early to kill 2 players who can be a threat.
Hi guys. I'm super busy today. Will have more input tomorrow :b:
@Circus, Two more questions:

1. Are mafia able to use their night attacks whilst being paired up with someone as a support?
2. Are all three mafia members able to attack individually during the night phase?
Good questions. No and no.

If a mafia member becomes a Support Unit, they are limited in the same way that townies are at Night, which means they can privately chat with the Active Unit with home they are Paired Up and essentially nothing else. The one exception is that they can still talk to their scum partners here. To be clear, this also means that what I mentioned above about your ability to Trade weapons at Night will be inhibited as well, for as long as the mafia member remains a Support Unit.

While only one mafia member can execute the Night Attack on any given Night, all members of the mafia are still able to act once during the Night. If it helps, think of the Day phase as the town's "turn," and the Night phase as your turn (though that isn't strictly the case). The Night phase ends when one of you Attacks, just as the Day phase ends when a townie Attacks. Prior to that, Other scum who are not going to be killing anybody that Night can still Trade weapons, for example. But you still each only get to do one thing each Night. So, for example, if every mafia members decides to Trade weapons one Night, then no one would be able to send in the NK because you've all already "moved," if that's clear.
"other scum"

two scum teams confimred
As in the other two of us that don't attack.
I think you should hold onto that weapon for now dabuz. It's the most valuable thing we have, and you're the most armored person we have. Vandy and I will work on getting another weapon through being protown obvtown as we can.
By the way are either of you familiar with the game? I've been reading the wiki all day. It could be possible for Rake and us to claim our actual roles. Obviously Brady is the best claim for dabuz.
nope never played it in my life that i remember

Ok then, better safe than sorry.

The safeclaims are better claims. Both Gangrel and Averna are main antagonists in FE:A.
Yeah it would be a risk. I'm just thinking it over definitely would take a lot of fishing for how much others know about the game and would take it. But both player's become protagonists in their paralogues. It could be possible to pull off their claims if we were to both do so. The main benefit of this of course is that we would be able to get the weapons we need.
Looking at it, Gangrel is the only one that could get the weapons he needs from the safeclaims. But on the other hand, not explaining to people that we don't have the weapons we need would explain our lack of attacking if it were to ever come up.
Alright so after reading the flavor, we definitely can't claim our characters xD
BRB Not Posting
Best player. Will fire. Will take control. Will use his role to full potential.

Dangerous or rather a nuisance if not on good side. Do not get on his scumdar. His budding with Ryker will make things more difficult.

Unknown factor. Assume they aren't half bad. And can tell they are going to be really active.

Red Ryu
Ruy will fire without warning.

Will likely be one of the least active but as one of Ryker's allies, can be a hindrance.

Not Threats:
Sokr - probably the best of the four if I recall.
Kary - will benefit us.
Pawndidater2 - Easiest to scapegoat
I think a bit of speculation with roles will go a long way in this game. Mainly with regards to skills.

There's 9 players beside us. We know that among them is not: Brady, Owain, Yarne, Morgan [Aversa, Validar, Gangrel]. I have to say that the Avatar is almost certainly among them especially since they weren't used as the sample PM. His Class is tactician:

Based on his skills, his mafia abilities will definitely be related to pairing up. Probably increasing the strength of an attack.

Other very likely characters are Chrom and Lucina.
I'd speculate that these characters are in as well: Emmeryn, Virion, Sumia

Chrom's starting class is Lord:
I think he may have a double attack type of ability like ours.
BRB not posting = Ryker? If so, probably best N1 kill.

RR i'm not too afraid of.

Soup is a wild card.

Kary is a pretty good player IIRC.

Xastern I have no idea about, the rest I agree with you about.

Based on flavor, my guess is that someone will be Chrom/ Lucina and have the Exalted Falchion to bypass my 1 attack immunity.
Ah probably. We gotta get our hands on that. May also have parallel falchion and the ability will only work so long as it is a certain person's hands.
Zen: Alright thinking maybe we use the double attack to kill Ryker tonight. He thinks he is safe while paired. I want to take him out.
^ this.

Also, if we did get the empowered attack, that'd be op as **** due to zens ability
Honestly im not too scared of ryker, his town games have been super mediocre of late. Soup is a definite wildcard, but i think we could take a mass effect mafia approach and just play townie whilst tiking him off, to make people think he's rage scum soup.

Kary's gonna do a lot of wifomy bs d1 so we have to get on him about it, but keep it a townier tone imo
Xastrn im half tempted to propose a policy shooting on because they arent coalescing their hydra posts and im not dealing with any hydra bs, not to mention its easy to sell as scared scum not wanting to get locked in.
Also, semi guaranteed xastrn got a good interesting role, since he waited so long for hte game to open.
@Circus: What would be the result of one of us "attacking" during the day?
I'll act as if nothing has happened. I'll ignore the action completely. If there is any confusion as to whether or not I saw the command, I'll clarify that I have and nothing more.
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With so many accounts invited to this conversation now, the team looks huge, heh.
okay. brainstorming, then shoving **** into this. then posting
First off, what do you guys think about the likelyhood of a doc with all this pair-protection going on?
Secondly,mechanics stuff form the op
-I assume we gain weaponry via nk'ing
we can attempt to use the pairing mechanic to hide our no daykill ability
attack commands are public?
agreed with zens list of threats but i would slide kary in there.
posting then stuff.
1. I think there's a good chance. I'd imagine that there are a few pair up abilities. Like Cleric protecting the person they are paired with or increasing attack strength or thieving. I'm wondering if soup proposing we stay paired up has something to do with that.
2. Yeah attack commands are public. Night ones are not and I believe we do gain the weapons still.
With the amount of protecting already in play via mechanics I would assume that a slightly weaker thing like bodyguard would be used if anything. Mainly askinng for purposes of night shot.
I'm thinking that smart doc protects raz to save ryker from being shot if they think either is even slightly townie.
FML which safe claim are you using so I can prepare for the future
also dabuz, I'm sure you know already, but make sure not to pair up since either us or you will be using your weapon for the kills.
likely to be owain.
Brady's miracle fits dabunz perfectly, but we can prolly finagle something else if you guys want the better of the claims.
we already paired with ryu. our weapon is oneshot and it didn't seem like we would need to use it any time soon.
also dabuz should make the kill tonight, he has protection against any vengeful shots and infinite hits with his weapon/
We're good with Yarne.
Think we may snag that bit of owains safeclaim then and transcribe it into a na only thing to explain our lack of daykills.
^i personally do not get targetted with nk's very often so that helps as well
Sound's good to me. Most of town doesn't realize that there will be night attacks yet. If you're going to have night attacks in your role pm you may want to let town in the info.
I'll slip back in with a bit more of a "thorough read" since i just came into the game and let it be known
from the brady safe claim-

circus gave us a doc safe claim to use. might not be one in town then.
I agree with orbo on the bg thing, thatd' make a lot of sense especially if there is a twon pr with a pwer shot
I think the nk thing will be a hard sell too, but if we play it right it should be fine
nk thing?
oh for our safeclaim
it's in the safeclaim so it useable.
wouldnt it be better to
use or kill break our weapon then try to get a townies weapn ?
how are we gonna get it? we haven't daykilled so people would be like " why you no got no weapon fml huh?"
better imo to say we can't actively use it and then save it for late game if we need it
because we claimed nk townie version i thought dough
Yea but if we nk tonight then we would need to explain our lack of weapon to who we were trading with.
The stealing weapons thing goes for nks too right?
yo, at some point you need dabuz's weapon if you want to multikill, notice it says if you have a useable one, i bet yours breaks first usage too, or it would say otherwise.
or we get hella lucky and raz has a weapon you can use
Starting Weapons: Goetia (Dark Magic Tome) and Bolganone (Tome)
This means Zen has two weapons to use, so he doesn't need mine.
Starting Weapons: Goetia (Dark Magic Tome) and Bolganone (Tome)
This means Zen has two weapons to use, so he doesn't need mine.
After tonight you have to be the one killing then.
What have you been telling soup zen?
just been going over a few reads his strongest scum read is sokr, told him mine was xastres and was looking at ryu and sokr as well.
Rake thinks soup might be an indy.
I mentioned ryu town lean, so we can go back and forth over that if you would like.
As I said, both me and dabuz need to remain active because one of us will be using his weapon one way or the other.

By the way there's one tactic that we should be prepared to use at some point which will do to things:
1. Evade the fact that we can't day kill.
2. Prove dabuz' claim.

If one of me or FML ever has to day kill, we will do so. As circus said earlier, nothing will happen. Making the perfect scenario for dabuz' claim. (Though we will change that the day ends when he uses his ability). This is just something to keep in mind for the future. dabuz I think you should work up some reads that are the opposite of mine. They don't have to be strong, but pretty much be on the other side of town that I am through out the game. So when I do have to shoot, it will have made perfect since for you to protect the person that I "shot at".
Where you getting the indy from? (hasn't caught up yet)
Im already laying down that i can't daykill by using that thing in owains safe claim as our safeclaim

We alluded to there being a reason we we arent shooting and soup said you dont need to say anything. Rake says soup town wouldnt back down and take that as an excuse
Question, how are we going to justify the day not ending after you "shoot" my "protected" target? Try to convince town that the day only ends from an attack if someone dies?
Something like this:


Class: Priest
Skill: Miracle
Usable Weapons: Staves
Starting Weapon: Mend (Staff)

You are Brady, son of Maribelle. You are a crude, mannerless young man, much to the chagrin of your prim and proper mother. However, you have been classically trained in the fine arts and are especially adept at playing the violin, despite your distaste for noble activities and posturing. You greatly wish to join your comrades in the fray of battle, but your talents are more suited for healing than hurting.

Your holy power allows you to survive some otherwise fatal attacks. Two strikes are required to eliminate you.

During the Day phase, you may imbue one living player with the ability to bypass one normal attack. This effect will last until the targeted player is attacked. When attacked, nothing will happen to the targeted player and the day will continue as normal. This ability cannot be used on yourself. You may use this command either privately or publicly.

You are aligned with the Town and win when all followers of Grima have been eliminated.

Town soup doesn't let me cop out by stating role shenanigans, no way. He'd press me more and probably call me out on following it up by doing my "scum will have this information too " bit. His town read on me is totally forced, but that works to my advantage as i can play him off other people.

If there is an indy, soup is my pick for it.
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I agree after catching up. He's definitely playing weird. Think he's scum.
What do we want to do about it?
Slowly work into getting the rest of town to support Xastern's concerns. Hopefully by the end of the day we'll have enough support for me to separate so someone can kill him. I don't want to waste a night kill him.
Hmmm. I already naturally like those posts. Might be able to spin it into mafia xast indy hunting
Whats this deal soup is talking about.
Also we might try to feed the soup thing to ryu
Betcha guys xast is odd day daykiller. Hes been crumbing as much.
So orbo touched on this, because of xast's posts, and my kinda idea on it, but if you look to hsi forth post, he's very choicy with the word even and balance, non subtle but effective, then take a look at his 349 where he says maybe toDay but not d2 and possibly d3. Both seem like he's hinting at something.


Agreed can't believe I didn't catch that lol
Cmon zen you're slipping lol. We got soup Indy and odd dk xast first? Fo shame
That's assuming we are right orbo.
it could just be him trying to do janky things like draw a nk

No you're definitely right. There was another crumb too now that I think about it. When he mentioned that town likely have attack restrictions. It stood out to me but I didn't ask him about it. Also in the post you linked, he stated how they needed to find their rhythm, which is the ability in the safe claim.

And soup is defs scum. My basis is meta alone, but he's playing so appealing and not trying to step on any toes. I'm 90% certain you're right on him.


So xastrn thinks you're Yarne because of your restriction claims. Hence why he wants to pair with you. Do you guys want to stick with the claims we have or switch? If we stay, I'm going to crumb to xastrn in my next post.
For the record there are only two living people of Yarne's kind. Yarne and his mum. They're the only ones who use beaststones, so xast only has one attack throughout the game. I say we get him to use it today and then keep him alive for the rest of the game.
Would it be possible to switch the flavor but keep the abilities intact? If not then i would prefer to keep the owain claim.
Why does he think we are yarne specifically lol
Didnt the sample pm character use a beast stone?
Based on our claims, i'm guessing all the characters are the kids of FE:A. If Xast can only daykill on odd days, he would probably be Nah. Nah is a manakete IIRC who uses the dragon stone and gets "Odd Rhythm" as one of her class skills.
That further lends credit to the odd day shots theory
And he mentioned something about rhythm in his firstpost
this. if we can goad him into shooting soup it's even better.

Xast is now my friend because i psot a lot, guess he doesn't remember content is more tellign than post count because many of mine are useless ,and i multipost regardless of faction
Oh! I see yeah makes more sense.
Yep 13 playable children characters. 12 players in the game. 1 child character as sample pm.

Nice dabuz.
dabuz who would you say of the villians would most likely be an indy in this game? I want to bait soup privately.
Oh snap theres only twelve players.that makes this like a full phase shorter
Can't use the dabuz doc gambit so long as Xastern is alive/his info is out. So nvm on that.

What I'm thinking right now:

-Change my view on Xast
-Bait soup in private
-Come out with soup scum read and used the info from private to condem him
-seperate soup
-Get Xast to shoot soup

-dabuz trade me Grima's truth.
-me use Grima's truth to kill Raz and Ryker

(needs to be done while they are vulnerable.)
this is why cloer to /at lylo arguably better fro double kill imo. i get bringing lylo closer is good, but to instantly alpha would be great to see people's faces when it happened. idk.
I really think it should be done asap.
I don't even want Ryker to have a chance to have a gun. I wasn't kidding in thread, he will certainly kill me if he see's me gaining any little bit of thread power. That's just what he does. Also I am very much likely to slip up at some point so I'd rather I made use of my ability before then.
Circus: if zen and dabuz trade, does that count as an action for each, or for only the initiator ?
dabuz would be the one trading (using up his action)
I'd be the one killing (using up my action)

unless you're referring to being a support unit which I'm not, soup is the support unit in our case (even if i were the support unit ill be separating with him by the end of the day)
ahh ok, i thought the act of trading was a action for each side
Trade is the term used, but it's more like "give".
alrigth yeah i like thsi plan then, especially if soup is shot today.
13 children:

Our safes are:


That leaves


Considering the OP implies we are playing in the future, we can rule out most of the adults. I assume minor bosses wouldn't be an indy. I also can't see any of the children being indy.

Anna is a reoccurring character who is the nurse Joy/ officer Jenny of FE, her and all her sisters look and act the same. She also values herself and money above all so I could believe her as Indy.

Walhart is an important antagonist who doesn't work for Grima. Excellus is a lesser antagonist who cares only for himself and works under Walhart, he also manipulates another important antagonist, Yen'fay. Any of these could be indy, with Walhart being the most likely.

There is also Grima himself, the dragon and final antagonist. Finally, there is an evil version of the Avatar that works for Grima. They probably wouldn't be Indy but it's prudent to consider them.

Overall i'd guess Walhart indy.
BTW, I did the math, and there's no reason to save it for lylo, here's why.

Setup is 9 town (or 8 town + 1 indy) and 3 mafia, or 9-3

These are the different ways game can play out assuming 1 DK and 1 NK.

3-3 (game)

2-2 (game)

1-1 (game)

At no point will the double kill bring this game a phase closer to ending UNLESS there is a town protective role, a no lynch, a vig, a bomb, roleblock, or anything else which influences the number of kills.
arent we servants of grima? I think we can prolly rrule him out based on that
Also, sounds like a good night plan to me.
circus told me when i asked him that 3v3 isnt necessarily parity in this setup
That's why I say he probably wouldn't be indy.
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Oh? Any idea what kind of role he's alluding to?
I specifically asked him after i came in how endgame worked with the daykills. Lemme check his exact words
Well it's because even when it's 3 x 3 we may not be able to kill if we don't have usable weapons at night and since the game is not made of majority vote we can't keep town from killing during the day.
Me- is endgame still 3v3 even if all townies have daykills?
Circus-Not necessarily. Town-to-Mafia ratio matters, as does weapon availability and usability and the position all of the players are in. You basically win when Town can't. There are many avenues to that destination.
If you and dabuz are alive we can have that infinite shot tome in play though
Check mate on soup. His latest response in the thread was me asking him if he was not able to kill.
Let it out there zen,i know from the who newbie you are good at bull****ting cases
Also no one realizes we cant daykill yet
Damnit ran. Dont be ****ing obvtown
Haha Ran obv town is inevitable. Good thing is he will be less aggressive after the failure in Walmart mafia.
This is true. Might have to kill him at some point if only to broaden the lynch options
You said ran is good at reading you right?
Rans' gonna buddy zen and me because our position is already good, just let him run around under out tender guidance and it'll eb fine
And even if he dislikes one of us, he'll like the other and we can just mess with him, me and orbo did this in walmart and we can do it again
He definitely needs to die.
if me and orbo can pick up that sword.

G ****ing G
Raziek just attacked Soup and is gonna get his weapon. Raziek is paired with Ryker. Double kill Raziek and Ryker to get rid of threats and get unbreakable sword for FML. LOL, this game is over, good **** Zen.
Apparently the weapon is only useable by soups character.

Also soup cant seperate zen has to.
Gonna see if xast wont ship is the blade anyways
What do you think about pressuring Xast tomorrow? We can try to twist the fact that he took the kill because he wants get an unbreakable weapon and trade it to someone on his scumteam who can use a sword. With a Raz death at night we can use his town flip to support the claim.
Or at least I can do that since my read on him hasn't been solid yet this game.
dabuz you genious.

I still want that sword though. doubt its' only for soups chara that'd be dumb
Unless soup was telling the truth on his weapon, then we can't do this
In the game it's only for Lucina/ Chrom, but for setup balance I can imagine anyone who can use swords can use it. Either way I will sell it like that.
How soup wasn't indy i'll never know. i guess he was playign different.

GG soup. GG
if xast can't use swords, we may be able to get it from him. that'd be great
Welp. One down.
circus-do traded weapons become available to use the same night
Xast used a beast stone doubt he can also use swords if dabuz was right
nvm, read wrong.
Gotta love that soup still thinks I'm town. Such legwork.

Got Ryu, Xast, Soup, Kntrip all in teh pocket of fml.

They shall rue this day
Lol. I love being scum at moments like these
Alright dabuz go head and trade GT to me.

The fact that soup was Lucina is even better than indy.

Also I'm under the impression that anyone can use the sword but it's only unbreakable if lucina uses it.
my b he didnt.

Crazy rake is crazy
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Yeah there's nothing left he can use.
The fml hydra truly lives for evil
You sure he was one shot? If that is the case and we keep partnered with him we dont need to worry about killing him as he wont be able to.kill anymore
Yeah if he had more he wouldn't have made that post about kill either d1 or d3.
If Raz and/or Ryker somehow survive, make sure to separate from Ruy right away tomorrow so that Xast can support you. I don't want them quickshooting Xast and getting the weapon.
i anit even mad i misread soup. specially if im right on xast
After a successful toNight only real obstacles are ran and ryu with a splash of kantlead
Yes. But they must be Traded before an Attack ends the Day. Or if you're trading with scummates at Night, then before the Attack ends the Night.
Koo. Zen gets our unbreakable weapon and then after tonight he can trade it back to dabuz to surviveattacks
My mistake! Looks like I was wrong about him only having one weapon. They are also able to use regular stones and breath. Breath seems to be something they can do once in dragon form (which they are now after using the dragonstones) and I think it may be unlimited since it's not a weapon. But he still has the restriction so yeah.
I think i can get away with asking him about it tomorrow.
Characters and Their Class/Skills/Weapons
( mafia related skills are speculation)

Class: Lord
Skills: Charm > Mafia Relevance: Probably allows a player to have a certain chance of evading an attack.
Dual Strike+ > Mafia Relevance: Probably allows for double attack.
Weapons: Sword (Likely carrying Falchion/Parallel Falchion, unbreakable and likely powerful enough to piercethrough dabuz in 1 attack)

Class: Mercenary
Skills: Armsthrift > Probably allows for weapon to not be broken upon use (one time), or increases the probability of weapon not being broken upon use.
Weapons: Sword

Class: Knight
Skills: Defense + 2 > can survive normal attacks (weak against armorslayer weapon)
Indoor Fighter
Weapons: Lances, (swords?)

Class: Pegasus Knight
Skills: Canto > Allows player to use more than one action in a single day
Relief > more difficult to kill if not being supported
Weapons: Lances

Class: Mercenary
Skills: Armsthrift > allows for weapon to not be broken upon use (one time), or increases the probability of weapon not being broken upon use.
Weapons: Sword

Class: Wyvern Rider
Skills: Canto > Allows player to use more than one action in a single day
Strength + 2 > Stronger than normal attack
Weapons: Axe

Class: Mage
Skills: Magic + 2 > more powerful than normal attack
Focus > chance of powerful attack when not paired
Weapons: Tomes

Class: Archer
Skills: Shove, Skill + 2, Presciecne
Weapons: Bow

Class: Manakete
Skills: Odd Rhythm > only attack on odd days
Wyrmsbane > more powerful attack against wyvern riders
Weapons: Dragonstones, Stones, Breath



Players + Character

Raziek - Severa
Red Ryu - Kjelle
BRB Not Posting - Noire
Potassium - Laurent
Ran - Gerome
Xastrn - Nah
soup - Lucina

dabuz - Brady (Validar)
Zen - Yarn (Aversa)
FML - Owain (Gangrel)


6 v 3

Red Ryu
Xastrn - Nah

dabuz - Brady (Validar)
Zen - Yarn (Aversa)
FML - Owain (Gangrel)

soup - Lucina
Raziek - Severa
BRB Not Posting - Noire
If he still has beath or another stone, then I agree he should be our target to get killed during the day tomorrow (after we get falchion) since he wont be able to do anything tomorrow. Sokr is another possible kill. Probably will want to NK Ran after that depending on how he goes about the game. The living player of Sokr and Xastern will be an easy target for the day after that.
this night almost assuredly ends it since no one's going to oppose fml/zens townability

as long as we keep people pinned at each other's necks we've all but won
how did dabuz disappear he was just here O_O.

Oh annd are we dragging our actions out over the night ? (like using them late ? ) or do we quickfire through ?
I was going to quickfire since everyone was on at the same time so people wouldn't be able to track it based on activity. Now I just want to give it enough time to make it seem like Xastrn talked it over.

Also Kantrip would probably be a better kill than Ran tomorrow night now that I think about. I also think I may pair with Ran tomorrow.
Trade: Grima's Truth: Zen
super sexy hot cat indeed
Zen: i'd say only do it if ran comes in already riding one of our ****s, that way yo ucan steer him around. Ran is easily influenced by his town bro's, and i plan to def use that against him with my thread position
iight when do you guys think I should make the kill?
Tonight imo. No reason to hold off and this gives us a barometer or other town prs in play with how long we have to wait
What about "breath"?
midnight if you want, what orbo said i agree with, plus because it's 2 kills we can play it like scum bum rush to finish
Get a quick paced game going imo. Keep a lot of the others wayy back in thread
Zen, me and orbo can ask Xast next day about breath, we can play off like we read the wiki and wanna knwo if his unstoppable breath is limited and if it is that we can snag that sword
the longer ran has to catch up the more liable he is to try to buddy his way to success.

Plus it'll throw town through a loop

Attack [Grima's Truth]: Raziek
Use Galeforce
Attack [Grima's Truth]: Ryker
And if there is one thing we can do,its drown everyone with posts.
Especially ryker if he survives
Gg town sliced by a third in one phase if it works.
Thing is, the stone actually transform a manakete into the dragon to use the breath attack and each breath attack takes 1 stone use. No stone = no breath attack.

The same applies with Yarne and beaststones, 1 stone = 1 transformation attack.
So since I saw that this was sort of a point of discussion in here, I guess I'll just let you guys know that I don't plan on actually starting new Days until deadline is reached, regardless of when I get in all my Night Actions. Given the way the Day phases function in this game (people being able to kill on a whim and all that), I don't feel it's fair to begin the Day at a surprise time.

So, you know, don't expect Day 2 to start for at least another 24 hours.
All these delicious weapons: Goetia (Dark Magic Tome), Bolganone (Tome), Grima's Truth (Dark Magic Tome), Steel Sword (Sword), Steel Bow (Bow)
Order up, boys.
Steel sword would be cool for us. Posting incomimg
Welp just confirmed me and Xast being town. For scum to have a role that ends the day when they attack would be lol OP

Yeah but it's mostly an activity thing. Had soup flipped indy he would have definitely been on my side. Still, I don't think he'll be much to worry about other than being obv town.
Xast out of weapons y/n in you guys opinion?

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dabuz you should ask the mod in thread something like the question: "Do we see what weapons were used from night attacks?"
But all attacks end the day
But we keep our weapons.
So you are claimimg unbreakable weapons on even days?
On odd days if I were to attack, my weapon would not break but the day would end. This is how xastrns role works except for on even days. It would be broken to allow scum to do that. The only viable option is that the role is either town or a safeclaim, but it cannot be a scum role.

It would be excellent if Xastrn proved it today by ending the day, but he wont. It will be more excellent if he gets killed today.

Circus has answered dabuz' question now we'll have either dabuz (or fml later on through a reread) point out that no weapon was broken and hint at the possibility of the falchion have being used (thus pointing to xastrn).
You should just cave to rans thing of pair with him,then you have an excuse for not firing the next couple phases.
Yet your attack would succeed on those odd days? No right?
Yeah I plan on it.
Still wanna try and swing getting the sword from xast and not having ryu grab it
You have any info on what weapons Ruy can use? You can possibly just get it from Ruy himself.
There's one more player left who can use swords.
No idea right now.
Not completely sure as he hasnt mentioned it in pm and me asking would be a flag
Ranmaru pretty much has me, feel free to bus lol.
You'll survive the attack though.
Which basically gives us a free nk.
Circus-day ends upon dabuz getting shot yes? Will a weapon still break?
No way bro. We in this 'til the end. Ran is suspicious now, but it's not permanent. Xastrn is going to be the one killed today. Then the night is in our court and we can easily take out Ran (or kanty cause his towniness is annoying lol).

I do want to probably take out the last sword user though (inigo) so we will be absolutely secure from falchion. I don't think it's sokr or kanty atm. Ruy is possible, as is Ran. I'm hoping Ran so we can kill him tonight.
Yeah, and hopefully Ranmaru will lead a Xast wagon anyway after i'm dead.
Oh yeah plus I forgot you'd survive the attack. But still we're not bussing. Kantrip and Sokr are going to eat up your Xastern post once they return. And we already know Kary is, seeing as he liked your post.
Xast today.
Ran kant or kary overnight.
Sokr or ryu maybe day after that.nk=GG?

Just read. Yeah Ran doesn't have anything haha. He's just being Ran.
If ran gets on one of his tears then it might turn out bad
Also his whole thing revolves around you being xastrns mate. Once Xastrn is killed, that falls a part. It also makes Xastrn even more likely to be shot today. It's also why I'm tying myself so close with Xastrn. The more that people think he's the person to get the most connections from a scum flip, attention will be centered around him. And all the so-called connections from his scum flip vanish once he actually flips town.
Tears. Runs.Spasmic scumgoggling and harassment
Ryu quickshot on xast reasonable to happen if he doesnt claim
Still waiting for a chance to call him a xasthole dole
Ryu doe
Trying to get me falchion
xD guess that confirms him as not being a sword holder.
Leaves it in kanty ran kary and sokr?
Mhm n_n. I think it's most likely Ran. I just feel like Kanty or Sokr would be trying to get the kill if it were one of them. Ran, however isn't really paying much attention.
Dat call zen
Dat call.
You and me calling this game ha ha

This game is just too fun. Definitely the most fun I've ever had as scum.
Oh this is a blast. Would scum with you any day
Hilarious to watch this.
Man i feel like we are running rings around them
Day ends when an Attack happens (or deadline). Weapon breaks if conditions are right for it to break and it gets used.
Was going to pair with Ran but if I were to do so I wouldn't be able to trade back to dabuz tonight or do the kill myself (see page 1 questions at circus).

Only skimmed, but has anyone mentioned to ryu that he can't kill since he already used the separate action?
he knows lol. xast doesnt realize ryu is no position to kill.

we need to gaod kanty into shooting xast, thats the best plan of action short of having ran do it
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rake and i are yeling at each other over claim details in the ocnvo with xast XD
Xast is wrong about you not being able to separate. You should mention that in thread, I don't want cornered town turn to shooting me because they think they can't kill Xast.
We actually could have won the game by the end of today if we had been playing towards it, but I didn't realize the rule until now: that support characters are not able to separate or switch by themselves even on a new day.

That means the quickest way for us to win would be (would have been) to get three people who still have functioning weapons to support each of the three of us, Leave alive the people who have used their weapon, and kill off the remaining weapon holders during the night.

So with the current roster we would win in this scenario if it played out this way:

Active Units
Kantrip (used weapon D2)

Red Ryu (if had paired to FML D1)
Ran (paired to zen D2)
Kary (paired to dabuz D2)

soup (killed D1)
Raziek (killed N1)
Ryker (killed N1
Xastrn (killed D2)
Sokr (killed N2)

Starting from Day 3, the 4 remaining town would not be able to do anything. And say instead dabuz was shot, and survived, there would still be 5 town alive (Xast would be alive) and town still wouldn't be able to do anything.


Hmm yeah no matter how we arrange things, it wouldn't be possible to do this today, however we could also obtain victory if over the day I was able to get Kary to pair up with me and dabuz was able to get Ran to pair up with him. Or vise versa. Sokr or Kanty would make the kill today, we'd kill the other. Then dabuz would draw Ruy's shot d3, breaking his weapon and that would be game.

The way we are going about it at the moment still leaves town chance for victory past d3 I realized (though we'd still probably take it). If dabuz and I can get people to pair with us, the better. (And also if FML gets someone to pair with him that has a weapon still).
I doubt you end up shot over sokr an or dabuz
Well the only one's who can shoot right now are Sokr (Or Kanty if Sokr seps) and Ran. And Sokr and Kantip think I'm Xast's partner. Kary can shoot, but he wont.
You could also use his wifom thing as an opportunity to separate with him.
Said id give seventy two hours. Also pretty sure icant do any actions today.
Xast has no idea which of our heads is oosting when.
Dabuz an always take a bullet
Se also slipped our safeclaim to xast so now he knows why we cant daykill
You can. Made sure in the rules. You just aren't allowed to use the pair up action.
I'm telling you, I'm going to likely be killed if you don't either separate or let people know you can separate. And the sooner you sep, the better.
I cant just do it before my own seventy two deadline. Ran will push dabiz anyways and we xan swing other,just feed kary a few scum reads

well dabuz since you're here can you mention that them not being able to separate isn't true?
I just asked the mod clarification both about ryus ability to shoot and my ability to seperate. Should calm the mob
So i just figured it.
We arent getting shot.
Zen pair behind dabuz.
Xast willing to give us falchion in we stay in place.
Zen safe behind 1xbo behind dabuz. Sokr ir ran or mayhaps kary shot.
Kill ryu or kary or kantrip tonight.
We in likely mylo/lylo tomorrow
I can't pair because then I can't trade or kill in the night. Unless you plan on doing the kill. But still pairing with dabuz would be random as hell. You really just need to stop ****ing with xast and let him get shot. You're letting town have day time for no reason but to appease someone who is going to die.
This. The sooner Xast dies the better, then tomorrow town can fight among themselves about the shot.
Working on shifting over it would be suspicious if we just separate out of nowhere
Zen and dabuz what are your reads so far that you have revealed
All I've revealed publicly is Xast town.
This is what I've given to Kary:
For what its worth we have been slinging a disagreement on ran in our reads. Feel free to use that vig-scum kill thing i got on him wrt rykers death.
Kantrip has figured out that the game is all children characters heh.
Doesnt matter too much at this point. Was more surprised at ran randomly coming up with galeforce
It's fine, not like he can do much by knowing about galeforce.
spin the sokr thing too. It's bad for him because he said if town willed it he would.

Scum avoidance
I did as commanded and moved our Bishop to E6, but Kantrip's Knight took it out.
FML you confirmed that Xast doesn't have anymore attacks, correct? If so, operation keep-xast-alive is back on. If any town member besides him is killed today, this game is won for us tomorrow. ESPECIALLY if Ran is killed he...hehe. HEUAHEUAHUEHAU.

D2 (current)

Active Units
Kantrip (weapon)
Ran (weapon)
Xastrn (no weapon)

Red Ryu(weapon)


Zen > Kary

soup (killed D1)
Raziek (killed N1)
Ryker (killed N1

This is what we do: Kantrip is starting to see me and Xastrn as town. He wants me to prove my role tomorrow by trading beaststones. To accomplish this he has stated that I need to be an active unit. I will use this as an opportunity for Kary to switch with me, putting him in support position. Now then, ideally Kantrip will kill Ran today. We will need to put all our effort into making this happen. Subtlety of course. We kill Sokr during the night. The next day is FML's. He will need to get Ruy to pair with him ASAP. I think due to Ruy's read on you and his spontaneous nature you can get this to happen. It will be a gambit, but if accomplished, it will end the game. I think posting something at the start of the day like "Ruy pair with me ASAP" will get the job done.

The final results will be this:


Active Units
Kantrip (no [usable] weapon)
Xastrn (no weapon)



Kary (weapon) > Zen
Red Ryu (weapon) > FML

soup (killed D1)
Raziek (killed N1)
Ryker (killed N1)
Ran (killed D2)
Sokr (killed N2)

[collapse=Things that could go wrong]
1. Now the main thing that could go wrong with this is if Ran and Kantrip are the two Lance users. Right now there is 1 sword user, 2 lance users, 1 tome user, and 1 axe user left. If Ran and Kanty are the lance users, then Kanty will be able to attack on D3 as he will have picked up Ran's weapon.

Back up: This we can easily adjust for because we will know both their roles once Kantrip makes the attack. If this does happen to be the case, then D3 FML will need to take Kanty's offer up to pair (kanty pair with FML). And dabuz would need to get Ruy to pair with him. I think it can be done seeing how he's been defending you. You just need to make it sound as if it's of importance.

2. Ran takes more than 1 normal attack to die or Kanty has a more than one weapon/a weapon that can be used more than once.

Back up: This would still give us some good options for d3 so I'm not too worried about it.

3. Kantrip is the sword user. Xast could trade him Falchion D3.

Back up: As I said, I think it's likely Ran. It could be Ruy as well or even Sokr. It would just be bad luck if it happened to be Kanty or him and Ran are both the Lancers.

4. We are unable to get the necessary people in the support position.

Back up: If this is the case, then well I will have to come up with a back up plan seeing as I don't actually have the beaststone to trade. If all else fails I can easily hide behind dabuz as a last resort. This can be done without putting suspicion on dabuz. I will "trick" him by getting him to pair with me and then me switching.[/collapse]

Let me know what you guys think. The things that could go wrong aren't bad as they seem I swear. I'm just being thorough. Most of the stuff we can adjust for during the night.
Xast only had the one stone I saw it in his notes he sent between his heads.
Lemme read up on thread,then get to that Zen
Kay,I see what you are doing but whadya say
Ran kill today
kary supported by zen
Kill xast to avoid you trading
Kary supported by zen-get kary to separatr if possible. This leaves him without an action
Kantrip supporting fml
Ryu supporting dabuz
Have sokt shoot kary?
Wait zen anyone in a pairing can srparatr so i dont think blocking people behind us will work
This is the case unless they are put into a wait position, which would come from separating or trading if I read the rules correctly.

Getting RR to pair with me will be easy if we need to do it.

Kantrip shouldn't be hard to manipulate into killing someone.

Kary doesn't scum read any of us IIRC so Zen pairing up with Kary seems fine.

The entirety of playerbase is against Ran so he's probably gonna die toDay with more pressure. (TY RR for being a whiteknight lmfao)

BTW, tomorrow will be 4-3 assuming a townie dies toDay and toNight. I say this because i still have my one shot protection, meaning as a backup I can easily get someone to shoot me during the day, which will end the day and then we win with the NK (preferably on Xast since we know he won't have any sort of shot protection.)
3v3 isnt necessarily endgame and last i checked kary himself didnt like zen but cant shoot him due to to zen airing with him
3v2 is likeendgame though considering if all of us have weapons we can pick town off one by one.
How about Zen trades us the steel sword tonight,or ;fldabuz zens original tome,we attempt the nk and then we can do the next day phase accordingly. Since zen js in support position and cant nk tonight
I should get the tome back and do the NK that all we all still have a usable weapon.
I am okay with this.
But you need to stay solo for this.
[/collapse][collapse=Page 8]
Circus-do players in support count towards endgame numbers?
It's not so much the numbers that matter like in a regular game where lynching is the way town kills. What matters here is the amount of people able to kill.

If there are no town members left that can use a weapon or can use an action, we automatically win. No matter how many town are alive.

As I said if Kary is behind me, Ruy is behind one of you guys, Kanty and Xast don't have a weapon, Ran and Sokr are dead we win.
-btw Kary has since changed his read on me since giving him the reads he wanted.
-I don't think I can avoid the beaststone trade so it's necessary that we ensure victory tomorrow.
-If Xast had been killed earlier things would be different, but now that town has had time to actually think they will not simply see a Xast death as me town. They would need to see that I have beaststones to know that it's not just a safeclaim.
-I will get Kary to switch with me before the day end. I'll trade dabuz back the weapon tonight.

In summary,

-Kary switch with Zen
-Kantrip shoot Ran

-Zen trade GT to dabuz
-dabuz use GT to kill Sokr

-Ruy pair with FML or dabuz

OK! Getting Kantrip to kill Ran is all we neeeeed. I just wish he wasn't so cool headed :p
Why not claim your weapon stolen? Surely the game has a thief role?
Good idea. Will use that as a back up tomorrow if things don't play out. Kantrip won't buy it though since he knows that there are not any thieves in the player list.
Not in the children but our actual roles arent children. Surely there's a thief somewhere in the game.
Actually announcing it your first post of day might be best
Ah you're right n_n
Yep yep. In the event that the Kant - Ran kill doesn't happen, will use that. I'll also lurk to see if Ruy pairs, and he doesn't then I'll do that.
Switch to invisi maybe?
Am I not on invisa o-o? You're able to see my name in thread? I have my online status checked off in my settings, I thought I've been invisa all this time xD.
It reset when swf changed servers ha ha.
Also the hell is a wyvern rider?
Ran claimed.

May have ability "Strength + 2" possibly be strong enough to kill dabuz in one strike?
Check out my post on Page 5.
I feel even better with a ran shot now
Kantrip so annoying xD
I miss timid Kantrip not this town leader one.
dabuz you should probably pair with Ruy as he requests. idk. If not, the day will go on longer i think.
Again, FML will have to use his weapon tonight if it happens. If you're paired with Ruy already though it will make it easy to get him to just switch with you tomorrow so you can use an ability or something.
ok back
zen i got yer package btw.
aggro rake go.

inb4 kantp;lay thinks im scum with pawn
Oh cool, he wants to pair? I'm game.

Edit: Actually FML, you fine with doing the NK in this case?
gotta love how i say we should avoid hydra shenanigaans then pull many out of my ***.
I should be able to yeah
the funny part of xast saying that was rake(intentionally?) mentioned it a few posts later.
So FML, any ideas to save your skin?
I didnt even read the tole pm and tbh i should still be able to live.
Ran hate still there and ryu wants me
RR's claim

"I'm Kjelle, a knight.

I have a steel lance.

I cannot be killed unless the person trying to kill me hits me with a Critical Strike."
Holy ****ing ballz
Watching rake go on that spree
And then is zen gonna pony it up for a third day?
Is this scumteam made of magic?
All in or nothin
freaking Kary uhg
Only way we're getting out is if Kantrip actually shoots Ran. But if he's not doing it until tomorrow night then real good chance Ran will shoot me, and thus gaining all our guys would need to try and kill his strength+2 *** and getting them back...

Also if Kantrip shoots FML we are doomed to the greatest degree of maxmimum.

If Kanty shoots Ran we can still pull through, but we'll talk about it tonight if it happens.
Good thing about kary separating means it frees zen to nk
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No your defense looks townie even to xast. Ran won't shoot he's a ***** and neither will rajam
Considering Zen is in a position to be shot toMorrow, it's better if he trades me back Grima's truth so we aren't screwed if he dies. Right now RR thinks i'm doc so I can ride that pretty far into the game probably, if things go right he's not gonna be suspicious until Lylo.

@Mod: Can more than 1 weapon be traded at a time?

I don't think Ran will shoot you because of the threat that he will be shot toMorrow (even though on your flip that obviously wouldn't be the case anymore).
You cant shoot tho since you are in support position atm.
I mean a no kill to boost your doc claim would be cool but *shrug*
I'm saying that i'm probably going to need it later.
It's not the risk of having no kills if both you and Zen are dead just to have 1 less townie by D4.
Yea,if i die then dabuz is our endgame man most likely due to the double save thing.
Right now the issue is finding Laurent and Indigo. Currently Zen has 3 tomes, 1 bow (only Noire could use bots), and 1 sword. FML has 1 sword.

Currently Noire, Lucina, Severa are dead.
We know Brady, Owain, and Yarne are not in the game.
RR is Kjelle (Lances), Xast is Nah (Dragonstones), Ran said he is Gerome (Axes) IIRC.

That leaves Inigo (swords), Laurent (tomes), Cynthia (Lances).

After Potassium shoots we can chalk up one more character so if he attacks FML we just have to hope Potassium isn't Inigo.
Also, I forgot Morgan but if he exists (doubtful) i'm going to guess he is an indy who uses swords and tomes.
Wasnt he the sample pm character?
Wasnt he the sample pm character?
I thought Avatar was the sample. *Checks* Nope, it was Morgan, cool.
Was thinking FML makes the kill tonight if he makes it through. While I trade back to dabooz.
Sounds like a plan to me. Kinda hoping ryu gets quickshot by raj,as unless he has quockstrike ryu wont die. But kantrip shooting kary would be better
Nope, only one weapon per Trade.
Circus you missed my question about players in support counting towards endgame numbers i believe
I skipped it because someone (I think Zen) pretty much answered it for me. It's really not just about endgame numbers. Support Units "count" if it makes sense for them to, and I can't really get more specific than that. How endgame resolves depends on a lot of factors: who's supporting whom, who has weapons, who takes an action and when, what skills the remaining players may or may not have. It all just depends.
What circus is saying is that he can't say zen is right about his endgame scenario he wanted, bu essentially zen is right. Without guns to shoot, town cannot beat mafia. If people can't shoot, and we can't shoot them, it's essentially a stalemate I'd wager, which i dont know if zen thought about.

But w/e. I'd wager there's probably a role that can shoot or something based on who's supporting it , but maybe i'm just being guessy.

Still, Even though town would outnumber mafia, that doesn't matter if they can't kill us, as the days will end and with a odd number of people , it'd just be a matter of time before we won / ran out of usable weapons.
Well the thing is we CAN shoot them. There's no stalemate. Either the mod ends the game or lets it play out in which each day results in a no kill and each night results in a town kill.
At least so long as we have grima's truth.
Oh cool, this game is basically won now.
Like holy **** everything is magic this game

They said i was scum.

Little did htey know, fake rage post rake just too damn townie. Holy **** teh almost throws
Ty zen though, that gutsy save.

It's good xasts's case was actually hella dicey though. So glad i played to my town meta early and hard.
Zen MVP for sure.
Who should we kill though.

Ryu seems like a good choice, but i don't want sokr to shoot Zen if he really would.

Plus dabuz is there.

Ryu is dicey on me and orbo, he's the loose trigger type so i'm dicey on it.

I want to kill someone with a weapon and thats between Sokr and Kary tonight really.

I dont think we kill xast and live past tomorrow, just no way. Although having him gone would be nice, it seemsdicey at best
Zen is godly.
Kary or sokr kill.
Shoot kary,dabuz separate,zen pairs with him.
Or or or
Shoot kary,have dabuz agree to shoot, zen go behind me.
Ryu will not shoot me. Sokr will have to shoot dabuz who will survive. Nk sokr if weapon does not break
If it does
Nk ryu
Killing either Kary or Sokr is almost a guaranteed kill + a 50% chance to eliminate the only other swords user this game. (Inigo) This means both the steel sword and Falchion will be out of town's hands.

Killing Xast means FML has the sword so if Zen dies tomorrow we still have a NK.

Can't kill Ryu because of his claim.

No reason to kill Pot imo.
Yeah i think it has to eb kary.

He's the only one left with the absolute definite balls to shot us start of the next day
except only lords can use it unless u think that was bs ?
I alo think xast being dead means kary and sokr would be too heavy on us, Ryu may doubt but he'd still shoot.
I think it was BS because that means town is in an almost 100% unwinnable position after 2 misshots.
I dont mind dying , dont get me wrong, in fact im expecting it. But im just stuck on if sokr has the balsl to really try to shoot zen. I dont see it but i'd kinda almost rather kill him than take the chance, at the same time; Kary
If Xast dies that means FML pressure may drop but Zen is a potential shot since Xast will protect Zen to his death. Ryu will probably have no problem shooting you toMorrow.
Kary or sokr.
Kantrip has no weapons afaik
Ryu uses what again?
Xast weaponless
Ryu shooting sokr ideal
Or vice versa
i actually hadnt thought of that
Xast has no weapon so hes a pointless shot tonight
No useable weapon*
Dabuz can always bait a shot tomorrow as well.
Out of the remaining town

Ryu (Lances)
Pot (No weapon, tomes)
Xast (No weapon, beaststones)
Kary (???, either swords or lances)
Sokr (???, either swords or lances)

Assuming the worst case scenario FML shoots Kary and Kary is Cynthia (lances). toMorrow Ryu kills FML and picks up the lance, Zen NKs Sokr.

Ryu (Lances)
Pot (No weapon, tomes)
Xast (No weapon, beaststones)

Ryu kills Zen, picks up a bow, sword, and tome. I can't NK because i'm behind Ryu. Ryu gives Tome to Pot.
Ryu (No weapons, Lances)
Pot (Tomes)
Xast (No weapon, beaststones)

I have 1 attack BP so Pot uses Tome and it breaks, GG.
Yeah Kary seems like the smart shot. i think, and orbo agrees that Sokr is a p u s s, and wont go against thread momentum
[/collapse][collapse=Page 10]
Alright, looks like we have a decision.
So we basically have this on strangle hold
now, please, for the love of all things scum, no shenanigans
Also, if Kary uses Swords, it goes like this. During the Day, town has:

Ryu (Lances)
Pot (No weapon, tomes)
Xast (No weapon, beaststones)
Sokr (Inigo, swords)

Ryu or Sokr kill FML, either way kill Sokr so he an't use Falchion.

Ryu (Lances)
Pot (No weapon, tomes)
Xast (No weapon, beaststones)

I separate and pair with Zen telling Ryu I want to get a read, Ryu kills Zen, picks up Lance, 1 tome. I NK Pot.

Ryu (Lances)
Xast (No weapon, beaststones)

Ryu attacks me, lance breaks, GG. This is assuming worst case scenario where both FML and Zen are killed in a row.
Zen needs to give me Grima's truth I think...
Also, if Zen is killed first there's a problem...
Town will get 2 tomes and potentially a lance that RR can use. Basically FML may need to sac himself.
this is fine we can suicide bomb tomorrow even
Yeah, no matter who I do the problem, Zen death = weapons for town. With FML still under suspect it'll be hard for me to evade death unless RR wants to be a bro and protect me until Lylo.
The Night phase ends when one of you Attacks, just as the Day phase ends when a townie Attacks. Prior to that, Other scum who are not going to be killing anybody that Night can still Trade weapons,
For teh greater good, tomorrow I'll do all i can to get shot
Haven't attacked yet dough
So long as ryu doesnt switch or separate and he wont because he wants to use his kill,you are safe behind him
Trades go before kills in nar plus circus makes the phase last the full length regardless remember?
So like, good job guys.
i think Ryu's a bit dicey for lylo protection though.

I think with what dabuz is claiming to be, you can only believe someone is poor with doc choices for so long.

I know when someone claims doc, unless there was a night with no kill, I'm dicey on buying it
We can bait ryu or sokr to shoot us,breaking the weapon. Nk the remaining one and its GG if the sword user doesnt kill us.
If kary has swords
Yeah, that's why it's not something to rely on. Especially since it'll be suspicious no matter what if i'm the only person left of all the townies who haven't attacked.
I think how tomorrow has to be is that we have to goad kantrip into talking sokr into killing us. That way we get the maximum possible benefit out of dying.
Bp claim dicey as well for not CCing us as well
Yeah, i think the doc claim is almost enough to cover not shooting, but not having any successful night protecting is just so hard to believe. Especially as lylo gets closer
No ryu needs to shoot us because i dont think anyone alive has crit strike irc
And then killing sokr at night leaves no useable weapons
I'd rather you bait RR since Sokr is gonna die anyway next night.
See we never said bp to my knowledge. Did we ?

We just said we attack first
Dabuz just needs logical doc choices
Xast n2 for sure i think or maybe even ryu
Us or mayhaps zen n1?

Now we wait on Zen to trade, and we'll make the kill
zen n1 makes a lot of sense if he's forced to claim it
Yea but vengeful and bp iffy together

Yeah, D/N2 xast, especially since RR told me not to protect him due to his ability. Really easy to justify since he's my other strong town read and has falchion (which I don't want scum getting ;P). D/N1 I was thinking FML saying your slot seemed the most townie to me at that point of the game.
Yeah that works.

If people ask why not zen just say because Zen imo. It's ****ty wifom reasoning but it's true in a lot of senses
I think Ryu's liable to be unkillable as well by this point, like i dont know flavor but who the actual **** critical strikes anyhow ?
Generally critical strikes are a mymridion/ swordmaster specialty, also there are some weapons which have a high chance to crit (Killer sword or lance would be the only possible ones left.) It could also just be a complete RNG thing with would be ridiculous but *Shrugs*.
If it was RNG then I dont even wanna know.

I should really start playing games where i actually have falvor knowledge lmao
Kary death
Bait ryu to shoot us(purposely playing thisll be new)
Sokt death
Also, changing my D/N1 protect claim to RR, since I said he's playing by his town meta in D1.
Man, this game is...I don't' even know what it is.
Rng doubtful.
Soup and whiever n1 dude was archer likely to have crit imo
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This game is ****ing wonderful
dabuz feed ryu privately to shoot us
You mean Ryker? It's possible but hard to say. The only other thing I can think of is RR BSing his claim.
Will do.

*Maniacal laughter*
Don't attack yet, we should comb the thread for Inigio tells or crumbs.

Trade [Grima's Truth]: dabuz
Also hold on on talking to Ryu for a moment.
Actually can you post you and Ruy's convo so far?
Too late quick trigger rake was showed

Also didnt see inigo crumbs on reading through thread
Convo should be useful tho
Is there any way to copy the entire convo without clicking the reply button for each post?
You already put the attack kary command through
no ones crumbed anything about swords i've noticed.

but after catching onto the odd day thing xast did i havent been looking too heavily would need to be hella subtle
Copy and paste it but that gets messy.
I dont think so
Question is: how do we scummy
Like, what that we do will be goading enough to be shot
This is my current plan.

When the game opens, "accidentaly" type:

Orbo wtf happened last night I targetted Sokr and kary died


scrumble on my claim a bunch (classic rake scum tell)

then be like

Oh ****. Tabs. Welp. GG Go scum
Yep, was gonna say to do something like this.
Yeah that's what me and orbo thought We're gonna scrumble and claim some sort of night vig btw. Maybe add targeting ryu n1 (as town why would we kill a town read) this gives cred to dabuz and dabuz can push ryu to kill us on it
Just remember to do it while RR is in the thread.
Working this plan out with rake
Gonna scrumble a bit to support dabuz doc claim and second kill wifom
See FML's ninja's dabuz, then comment what you think
you too zen, we need to plan this so that it goes down smooth as silk and twice as ssoft
Iffy on this solely because you're making it more complicated then it needs to be, ya know? A simple slip up of not posting in the scum QT is easy enough to push and kill.
Nvm. This is after you post in the wrong QT on purpose? In that case, just scramble REALLY hard.
Hopefully we can swing this while sokr is offline
Maybe late at night when ryu.usually posts
yeah if we lived that long.

honestly seeing that slip, you may not even have to convince ryu much
Yea after we **** up and post in thread
We look for a reason to be claiming a kill
Hitting xast tonight if you claim its that helps your claim
While also keeping the second.kill wifom from n1
He already doesn't like your slot so I can just say to kill you guys for an obvious slip.
Agree with Kary kill.
Ok, easy enough. Also, someone (probably Ryu) will call for mass claim at the start of the next phase, perfect opportunity for you to mess up.
Was.figuring that would happen
We already claimed so earlier slip better
Zen look at our suicide plan
Is slipping about not targetting kary too mcuh though ?
nvm orbo talked to me. we g.
Assuming this works and we win. Just wanna say this team has been legit and I can feel good about my first scum win :D
Brilliant cohesion with you guys would scum again any day
(Thumbs up) Would definitely scum with again as well.
Alright few things:

1. Sokr will quickfire. I don't doubt it. I'm going to pair with him as soon as day starts, preventing him from using his action (against me).

2. dabooz can't claim that he used an action for today since he was in support position.

3. We don't need to sacrifice FML, we just need Ruy to separate or switch from dabuz. I think dabuz you should work tonight on getting Ruy to separate (or switch) with you as soon as day starts. I think a good way to do this is by utilizing point #2. You could say something like "dammit I forgot I'm not able to use my staff since I'm in support position" or something. Basically we need a plan to get him to separate. I think there's a good chance that he probably wouldn't realize that him separating would cause him to not be able to shoot during the same day. If he uses his action and goes into wait mode the only person who can take an action is Sokr. He will have the option of either shooting FML or separating from me. But we can just have FML support dabuz after Ruy seperates to prevent FML's loss.
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we can hold to suicide if worse comes to worse
Well you guys getting shot by Ruy would get the weapon out of use, hmm. I guess I just gotta pair with Sokr without it seeming scummy. Nevermind. I like you guys' suicide plan better.

Attack[Levin Sword]: Kary
Whichever you guys want. Either way we have this n_n mmhm.

If you do the suicide yeah it has to be right at the start of the day. We need to make sure we're on at the designated time for day start. Same for me with regards to pairing with Sokr just in case he plans to be on at the designated time as well.
*brofists all around*
we were thinking as ry gets on for maximum effect but w/e we can roll as needed
Yeah that works too. As long as you're able to do it before he wants to shoot me hehe.
Nah your townie enough i think.

I still say Sokr has no balls to shoot but we shall see
Iight so dabuz is pushing ruy towards fml tonight yeah?
moreso after my "slip" tomorrow, they can dicuss me tonight of course,im sure ryu will want to after ran town
Yes he is.
We got dis
I don't think so. . I've been worried about doing this myself mentioning something in a paired convo when I meant to put it here.
You know what would be extra fancy is if you act as if the message was for your scum mates, like mention Sokr's name lol.
"Sokr didn't you send the kill on Ruy? Why is Kary dead"?
or you can even fire a "quick shot" at Ruy. Nothing will happen and he'll just think it was because of his armor.
Oh man, that'd be hilarious.
Heyyy this is true.
Maybe name drop kantrip since xast already tjinks us aligned
Thinking about it, if Sokr quickshots Zen, it's fine because he will be dead before being able to trade the weapons.

Edit: NVM, no one would be able to NK.
You already have grimas truth traded back to you
You know's funny about this? You could do that and that might convince town that scum CAN shoot in the day, possibly leading them to target Potassium because he shot DM.
True! Goodness was getting two weapon holders to shoot two weapon holders along with getting a double night kill all we needed to do to win?

There may be someone who started the game with two weapons. One of the lance users? Even so, if it's one of Kary or Sokr, we'll be fine against that as well. Doubt Kantrip would have gotten two tomes based on the fact that there's already 3 tomes out there.
Oh god the brilliance
Too good for towns own good
twas an honor scumming with you guys
Yeah thinking on it, quick shooting ryu, and then being like "gg" would be the best way to go about it. Mentioning a false scum mate could indicate to that person that you are trying to draw the shot.

Attack on ruy not only gives the impression that scum can shoot, but it also clears dabuz from being your scummate (since dabuz would have informed you of his invulnerability).
lol man I really wanted to see that D3. Someone already quote this convo?
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