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FF:Warriors of Light for Smash 5


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Aug 6, 2014
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Final Fantasy
Warriors of Light

Final Fantasy is the juggernaut of JRPGs and has made a huge impact on gaming as a whole. It all started in 1987 on the NES and it was a huge success. Till this day Final Fantasy has been going strong with its many sequels, spin-offs and crossovers. (there is nothing final about this IP) Today we will be talking about the warriors of light. In the final fantasy games we had what we called a Job System. With the job system you chose classes that specialized in many fields. From healing to hurting and everything in between. Many of them became iconic to the series and is almost universally recognized. Lets dive in to what each of the original 6 class can bring to the table.


The Fighter is your average Knight fighting with a sword, shield, axes, spears, ect. over the years their look has been redesigned. But its job has more or less remained the same. Deal melee damage while still being able to take a hit. They also had the ability to use low level white magic in the earlier games. Later games the Warrior would get new types of classes which dove deeper in weapon and style specializations.

The knight has many specializations with melee combat it wouldn't be mainly attached to just the sword. For example the Dragoon one of the Warrior specialized jobs has a focus on the spear and jump attacks.There are many iterations of the warrior class with various play styles and could fit any melee weapon based role.

White Mage

The White Mage is your party's healer and protector, equip with a staff its main focus is healing and buffing the team. Their most iconic look is donning a white robe with red triangle linings. Through the years the White Mage has gotten different tools to make them more than just a healer.

The White Mage's main trait is that it can use white magic. It's main focus is healing and buffing but in smash bros would be considered too broken. But in later games of the FF series the White Mage has used holy, earth and wind just to name a few offensive magic. Thier stats lean more on magic and speed but low physical and defensive stats. With that in mind White Mage could play like Peach, Robin or Rosalina. as in they are more "technical" characters. Robin has a great mix of magic and swordplay, though White Mage can be heavily focused as a speedy magic caster.

Black Mage

The Black Mage the mighty caster. They wield black magic which is offensive and de-buffing magic. They are the party's main magic damage dealer. Their Iconic look consisted of a blue robe, yellow straw wizard hat and obscured face with glowing eyes.

The Black Mage has the highest magic attack but the lowest HP in game. This makes them to be more of a glass cannon play style. Black magic had more destructive spells one of which is meteor one of their more iconic spells. A lot of their move set would involve some strategy on what spell to cast for better effect.


The Thief the escape artist. The Thief in the earlier games was not mainly used for combat but rather escaping and robbing enemy items for they did not have the best stats. Over the years Thief had a slight redesign with the first game he is shown having blue hair but then changed to wear a bandana on-wards. Late in the games Thief would be able to rank up to a Ninja a more speedy versatile version of warrior. Ninja would have access to most of the weapons and armors in the earlier games as well as low level black magic. Later games would grant the Ninja its own "magic" called Ninjutsu with the ability to inflict status effects and throw weapons.

With Ninja they could fill the Speedy character arc type like Shiek and Greninja. Ninjutsu can given them a new type of gameplay not seen in smash bros. with the addition of throwing stars there can be some new ground or middle ground of playing the ninja role in smash.


The Monk the black belt. The monk was known as the low investment character. He had high HP and physical attack but wore light armor and had the lowest defense. His appearance is mostly seen wear fighting clothing and almost always wear a headband. The monk is one of the only classes to not use magic.

The Monk would specialize in hand to hand combat, much like Ryu but without the fancy fireball projectile. He would be strictly martial arts. One mechanic that the Monk has is Focus/Boost that powered up attacks.

Red Mage

Red Mage jack of all master of zero. As the tagline suggests the Red Mage can do almost anything casting both white and black magic with the ability to also use swords to do decent physical damage too. His look consists of red attire and his iconic red hat. His stats were well rounded but because of the rounded stats in late game he became rather lacking and filled more of a supplementary role filling any gaps were it was needed. In later games his weakness with rounded stats was mitigated with his own unique skill called duel-cast allowing him to cast 2 spells at once.

With the Red Mage he can work more or less like Robin or as a trickster. Using Duelcast one attack can be used quickly or twice. In FF 14 Red Mage was reworked to be a DPS still using the Jack of all master of zero he uses both the white and black magic to power up his melee attacks. This can add a lot of fun to his moveset.

History With Nintendo

Final Fantasy started on the NES and it wasn't until after the SNES era that Nintendo and Square Enix would have an on and off relationship. With more than 30+ Final Fantasy games on Nintendo hardware and more to come on the switch. Both companies are on good terms.


Super Mario RPG legend of the seven stars

Mario RPG would see the start of the RPG genera for mario thanks to Square Enix. With that came a hidden boss fight with Culex. A Final Fantasy 4 inspired boss complete with Elemental Crystals straight from the series. As well as both Geno and Mallow being the representation of both the Black and White mages respectively.

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - Mario Sports Mix

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 would be the first time the Warriors of Light would make a full appearance as realized characters. The Black Mage, White Mage and Ninja made fully playable character appearances in the Hoops and Sports Mix Mario series (not including Superstar mix). With the company of a Moogle, Cactaur and Slime from Dragon Quest in sports mix.

Super Smash Bros

In November 2015 saw the announcement of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. With the announcement it broke new ground in the smash community. Final Fantasy got it's grip on smash and opened up more possibility of new FF content coming to smash bros.


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I Never Felt It Before

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Dec 11, 2014
I personally would think there should be one character being the representative of all of the FF classes. They can do their own take of "The Warrior of Light". while Dissidia's is "LOL IM A WARRIOR OF LIGHT I HAVE A SHIELD LIKE A WARRIOR AND I SHOOT LIGHT BECAUSE MY NAME IS WARRIOR OF LIGHT (For some reason)" Smash's could be all of the original warriors of light (Fighter, WM, BM, RM, Thief etc) combined into one moveset for the guy in the cover.
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Smash Hero
Nov 10, 2014
Black Mage is far and away the most iconic of these characters.

That said, there's a lot of SquareEnix franchises I'd like to see represented before Final Fantasy gets a second rep.


Smash Champion
Nov 4, 2007
I have to admit that the MAIN reason i want a mii fighter Wizard Archetype is so he can get a black mage costume.

I would love Black mage as an unique fighter, but the chancer are slim. i would aqlso love a second final fantasy character or more final fantasy stages, or ..... anything really, but ironically i feel we would be lucky to get a couple of tracks, or even the tracks that were already used in the cloud trailer :/

That being said, Mii fighters costumes could be a great way to represent lots of final fantasy... heck, they could just put tifa as a mii brawler costume and barret as a mii gunner costume to complete a final fantasy VII party and ironically both would fit pretty well on the archetype. Withouth even saying the plethora of Characters that could fit decently on a mii swordfighter costume ._.

Heck, if we got a wizard mii fighter, we literally could cram ALL of the warriors of light in mii fighters costumes ._.
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