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Fayettnam(March) +WiiU Singles

Discussion in 'Rankings & Results' started by Venom ECU, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Venom ECU

    Venom ECU
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    Smash Rookie

    Apr 24, 2014
    Fayetteville, North Carolina
    3DS FC:
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st KDGNEGStingers 0 stingers stingers
    2nd Sharkz 0 Sharkz Sharkz
    3rd Tah. 0 GaGa GaGa
    4th Purple 0 PUrPle MV PUrPle MV

    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Stingers $45.00 30 stingers stingers
    2nd Kai $22.50 26 Kaiber Kop Kaiber Kop
    3rd Ian $7.50 23 Ian Viola Ian Viola
    4th Stock 19 Stockfield Stockfield
    5th Gato 15 Gato Gato
    5th PrinceAliFabulousHeAliAbabwa 15
    7th BestTeamaker 11 BestTeaMaker BestTeaMaker
    7th Kira 11 Kira Kira
    9th Zex 7 Zex Zex
    9th Wakka 7 Wakka Wakka
    9th Venom 7 Venom ECU Venom ECU
    9th Slay 7
    13th The_MattMan 5
    13th King 5
    13th Volpi 5

    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Tah. $45.00 30
    2nd KDGNEGStingers $22.50 26 stingers stingers
    3rd Gato $7.50 23 Gato Gato
    4th Kai 19 Kaiber Kop Kaiber Kop
    5th sharkz 15 Sharkz Sharkz
    5th PrinceAliFabulousHeAliAbabwa 15
    7th Naclg 11
    7th R&TJukes 11 Jukes Jukes
    9th R&TYizzy 7
    9th FreeWin 7
    9th R&TPlop 7
    9th Kira 7
    13th wakka 5
    13th Venom 5 Venom ECU Venom ECU
    13th Noah 5

    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Archer/Kai 0
    2nd Tah./Stingers 0
    3rd Gato/Sharkz 0 Sharkz Sharkz
    4th Naclg/Wakka 0
    5th Kira/Ian 0
    5th R&T_Jukes/Plop 0 Jukes Jukes
    7th Yizzy/Gen5 0
    7th Venom/Freewin 0 Venom ECU Venom ECU

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