Falcon Matchups Discussion

Soul Boost

Smash Rookie
Jan 8, 2019
Anybody with insight into falcon's matchups please feel free to share it. As falcon players we're going to have to rely on in depth matchup knowledge moreso than other characters on the roster. Every tidbit of info helps, what neutral options to space around, landings that you can or can't punish, zone breaking methods, anything.

My friend is a ridley main and though ridley seems to struggle against swords and projectiles, he is a problem for me at least. You have to space around his gigantic hitboxes and though they are laggy, you have to be so far away from them to avoid them that he can throw out another move by the time you get in to punish. His edgeguarding is difficult to deal with because like a swordie his aerials will stuff falcon dive from outside the range of its command grab. He outranges all your aerials, even up air with nair. His aerials don't appear to be safe on shield though and can be punished with a SH nair out of shield. If you do get an opening, its easy to capitaloze on it because he is combo food to your up airs.