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Mar 25, 2018
Hey everyone! Now we're on Discord! Discord is much better than Skype and here's why (copied from this post from the Shulks). Discord has created a great community for us Falcos and I highly recommend joining.

-Can be used in your browser or through the program. I recommend the program, but it's your choice. Also works on phones.
-Multiple voice and text channels have given us a lot of options for discussions we previously did not have. Also has made matchmaking easier for everybody.
-It's very useful for people to be able to set how loud they hear each individual (as mics are different in sensitivity)
-No Skype lag (this was very annoying)
-The program itself is made to use machine resources very efficiently. It takes up very little space when open. On the other hand, my laptop cries when I have Skype open.
-Sometimes, having Skype open has caused people lag while doing wifi matches. This issue does not happen with Discord.
-It's easier on the mods, due to improved powers
-It is easier to tell who is online, afk, or offline.
-To talk via voice, you just join a voice chat channel, and can see who is already in that voice chat channel beforehand. It's much easier than having somebody host a call. And, again, there are multiple voice chat channels which can be used for different things.
-No ads (Skype has ads)
-Free (Teamspeak costs money)
-Useful commands you can use, like @[insert_name], @everyone, and #[insert_channel_name]
-Your IP is protected
-Much more features to come in the future, as it's still new and being updated. Some thing I am aware of which will come in the future are the capabilities for custom emoticons, screen sharing, and video chat.

You can read more about Discord from their main site.

Rules (you must read these)

1) No NSFW Posts. Mainly images but applies to comments too. This results in an IMMEDIATE ban. Strictly prohibited! If you wouldn’t want a teacher or a boss to see what you are about to post or the comment you are about to send, don’t post it.

(2) Character Bashing - Don’t bash our main, or other characters! Strictly not allowed! You will be warned if you are “bashing” a character. This is not an outlet for your complaints against our character.

(3) Baiting / Bullying / Pedestaling other players in the chat. Everyone is treated equally with respect. If you are “toxic” to this chat community you will be warned. Bear in mind that being toxic is a vague word but the moderators will let you know if you are breaking this rule and will give you a warning. Repeat offenders will get banned. This is supposed to be a safe haven for our character mains, anybody against that goal will be removed.

(4) No spamming the chats. Be it images, memes, or constant message notification spam. You will be warned if you are spamming.

(5) If you add someone who was previously banned without the moderators knowing so, both parties will be removed.

(6) Do not change your name to be the same as someone else. Attempting to masquerade as another person is a bannable offense.

(7) Please use the channels for their intended purpose.

(8) Please show respect when you’re in the voice chats.

To join the Discord server, comment on this post and I will PM you a one use invite link.
Would like to be added :)
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