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Aug 25, 2014
All right, I've been seeing people posting in the original Falco Discord thread:, asking for invites, but I don't think the OP of that thread is active anymore and I don't know if anyone from the Falco Discord regularly checks here, specifically the Falco Discord thread. So, here's a new thread with links and information about joining the Smash 4 Falco and by extension, the Smash Discords.

The link to Smash 4 Falco Discord on the Smashcords site is this: Hopefully this works; I don't know since I don't use Discord.

Here's the Smashcords website that contains links to other Smash Discords: Useful if you play the other games, main different characters, are from specific regions and are looking to see if they have their own Smash Discords, etc.

Here's the Smash 4 section of that:

I know that Smash Switch, Smash 5, Sma5h, whatever it's going to be called or you want to call it is coming soon, but hopefully this helps.
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Feb 13, 2018
Thanks a lot! I've recently decided to actively get better at smash, following the reveal of the new game, and I think growing in sm4sh will help me start off in smash 5 pretty well when it releases.