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Everybody Falls! Fall Guys for Smash!


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Feb 13, 2021
The Flat Eric cult
(This is my first support thread, so I may have messed some things up. Apologies in advance.)
Fall Guy Support Thread!

  • Welcome to the Fall Guy support thread! For those of you living under a rock, Fall Guys (Originally called Fool's Gauntlet) was a game released in August 2020. Fall Guys's gameplay revolves around 60 Fall Guys (or beans) competing in a series of minigames to win crowns and kudos to spend on costumes (Think of it as Wipeout and Fortnite merged together). At first, Fall Guys was exclusive to Steam and Playstation, but is being ported to the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch!

Does Fall Guys have a chance in Smash?
No. Fall Guys came out in August of 2020, way before the announcement of FP2, making Fall Guys too recent. But don't fret, as Fall Guys can get in as spirits or even Mii costumes!

How would Fall Guys work in Smash?
I haven't created a full moveset yet, but I have come up with the specials and Final Smash:

Neutral Special: Egg Scramble
This neutral special would have the Fall Guy take out an egg, but then trip right after, sending the egg forwards in a long, arc-like motion. The egg can either be a normal egg, or a golden egg. The normal egg deals 4% damage, the golden egg deals 8%.

Side Special: Fall Balls
This attack would utilize several balls used in several minigames, or more specifically, Fall Ball, Rock n Roll, and Hoarders (the balls used would be smaller than the ones in the original game). Once again, the Fall Guy would trip forward and send a ball the same direction it fell, hitting anyone in the ball's way. Only one can be on stage at a time.The ball choices are as follows:
  • Soccer Ball (Fall Ball)
    • The soccer ball is the most even in stats of all the balls. It can bounce, but not very high. It's also the fastest of the balls.
  • Large Ball (Rock n Roll)
    • The ball from Rock n Roll is the slowest and heaviest of the balls. The initial trip doesn't send the ball very far, making it stop on the stage. For it to go forward, someone needs to push the ball themselves! Fortunately, this ball also deals the most damage as a tradeoff.
  • Volleyball (Hoarders)
    • The volleyball would bounce the most and the highest. That's it.
  • Football (Fall Ball)
    • The Football is the most unpredictable of the balls, as it bounces erratically and can go any direction (similar to rear egg).
Up Special: Big Yeetus
This move would have the Fall Guy spawn a Big Yeetus out of thin air, sending the Fall Guy flying upwards. The Big Yeetus then stays for 10 more seconds before disappearing. Although it provides some of the best recovery in the game (a bit higher than Wings of Rebellion), it can be unpredictable as if you get too close to the Big Yeetus, you can get spiked downwards, or literally all the way to the other side of the stage.

Down Special: Jump Club
This special involves the minigame Jump Club. It has the low, small bar from Jump Club spawn (albeit much shorter) and spin around, lasting for 10 seconds. Getting hit by the bar causes you to trip. That's about it for the specials.

Final Smash: Fruit Chute
This move would be taken out of a video I saw once.
Skip to 5:31 for actual Final Smash.

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