Event Preview: Paragon Los Angeles 2015

Paragon Los Angeles 2015 is shaping out to be one of the biggest Smash tournaments of 2015. With over 1,000 unique entrants and a plethora of top players from Melee, Smash 4, and Project M, the tournament will be an exciting experience for players and viewers alike. After recent majors such as EVO 2015 and Super Smash Con, storylines for Melee and Smash 4 are as fresh and exciting as ever. Meanwhile in Project M, Paragon LA 2015 will be the game's biggest tournament ever and the most stacked PM tournament for a long time. Here's everything you need to know about Paragon Los Angeles 2015!

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Melee at Paragon LA 2015 is going be one of the game's most stacked events of 2015. Four members of the "Big 6" will be in attendance, as well as many other top players. Mew2King is hot off winning Smash @ PAX Prime, where he 6-0'd Leffen in a dominant fashion. Will Paragon mark the true return of the King? Meanwhile, Paragon LA will be the first major tournament in a while for heavy hitters such as Mango and Hungrybox. Mango will be seeking vengeance after placing 5th at EVO 2015, while Hungrybox will try to continue his EVO 2015 success where placed 2nd. Leffen is looking to find his pre-EVO dominance at Paragon, after placing 5th at EVO 2015 and dropping 2 sets to Mew2King at Smash @ PAX Prime. Meanwhile, talent such as Axe, Westballz, Plup, PewPewU, SFAT, Lucky, Silent Wolf, HugS, S2J, Wizzrobe, Drugged Fox, Fly Amanita, Nintendude, MacD, and more will continue to try to take down the the "Big 6". Additionally, top international players such as Professor Pro and Jolteon from the UK and Rudolph from Japan will be in attendance. Meanwhile, teams is going to be equally hype. MacD and Leffen will try to continue their success, after winning many nationals this year. Mew2King and Hungrybox continue to be undefeated in teams, and PewPewU and SFAT are hot off of their EVO 2015 win. A full list of all the top players can be found here for singles, and here for doubles.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

With Smash 4 champion ZeRo dropping out of Paragon LA 2015, the tournament will be a battle of ZeRo's fiercest competition. Nairo has continued to assert his dominance over Dabuz at SKTAR 4 and Nebulous Prime #1, but has dropped multiple sets to ESAM and Mr. R in the past month. ESAM is looking stronger than ever defeating Nairo and almost beating ZeRo at Super Smash Con. Mr. R is looking very strong coming into Paragon, after taking 2 sets off of Nairo at Alberta Beat Down V this past weekend. Other heavy hitters such as Dabuz, Ally, and Mew2King will be in attendance too. Dabuz is looking to keep his place as one of the best in the world, Ally will try to find that spark he had at EVO, and Mew2King is having great success with his new Donkey Kong. Meanwhile, SoCal will be in full force, with their top players such as Larry Lurr, Tyrant, K9sbruce, SlayerZ, Zex, Xzax, Falln, Zenyou, Tearbear, and Rich Brown looking to defend their home turf. Challengers from the East Coast include 6WX, False, MVD, DKwill, 8Bitman, Xaltis, and Seagull Joe. Teams will be interesting with combinations such as Dabuz and DKwill, NAKAT and False, Mr. R and Larry Lurr, Ally and Trela, Nairo and Shaky, and ESAM and MVD. A full list of top players/participants can be found here for singles, and here for doubles.

Project M

Paragon Los Angeles 2015 will hold the largest Project M tournament ever! It will also have a $5,000 pot bonus from a successful t-shirt campaign by the Project M community. Paragon LA 2015 will also be one of the most stacked Project M tournaments in history, with titans such as Mew2King, Junebug, Ally, Professor Pro, Ripple, Lunchables, iPK, Aero, Pink Fresh, Neon, and Strong Bad in attendance. Additionally many top Melee who are top players in Project M will be going, such as Axe, Plup, Lucky, Chillin, Silent Wolf, Hungrybox, Westballz, Mango, Chudat, Leffen, and Nintendude will be playing too! Doubles will be just as exciting with teams such as Mew2King, Junebug and Pink Fresh, Professor Pro and Leffen, Ripple and Pooch, Axe and Aero, Lunchables and Dakpo, and Westballz and iPK. Be sure not to miss the historic Project M tournament!


For everyone at home, Paragon LA 2015 is going to be a viewing spectacle. Melee and Smash 4 will be streamed on VGBootCamp and VSGC, and the entirety of the Project M tournaments will be streamed on Project M Central and AZProjectMelee. The stream schedule can be found here. For the participants, there are links for the venue location, rules, and schedule, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions. There is also a commentary schedule to see which casters are commentating at what time. To find out your pools/brackets, simply find your name on the participants list of the event you are competing in.

Check out the official trailer for Paragon Los Angeles 2015, made by VGBC | Papapaint!

The photos in this article are used with permission from the photographer, Robert Paul (@tempusrob).

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"Such exiting teams as Mew2King"
Mew2King and?
Or is he just so good at Project M that he's entering teams by himself?
Anyway I'm seriously looking forward to Paragon, it'll be really interesting to see if Mew2King keeps his momentum going from PAX.
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"Additionally many top Melee who are top players in Project M"
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What time zones are those times in the schedule? Pacfic Time Zone?
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Love what you do with these Papapaint! If I didn't have prior plans this weekend, I'd take the short drive out to LA and enjoy myself with friends!
I'm pretty sure Fow hasn't confirmed that he is going to Paragon. He says it's actually not very likely that he will attend, since he hasn't been able to play much Smash for a while (until he started his stream back up a few days ago)
Did they seriously mention Ripple and Pooch in the same breath as Lunch and Dakpo, or West and IPK?


Edit: Ripple is great. Pooch, however ...
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