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Egg Lay discussion and uses


Smash Rookie
Jul 13, 2014

I wanted to get a discussion going on Yoshi's neutral B move: Egg Lay. This is a move that I feel is both useful and underutilized, and I was hoping that we could pool some ideas together for how to make use of it.

So here's the move "on paper". It's a fast, long-range command grab (works on shield) that pops your opponent into an egg, which they'll need to mash out of to escape. Upon mash-out, receive a small amount of invincibility. They're also able to control their drift in-egg, all of which makes direct follow-ups difficult. I think this is one of the main reason this move isn't used as often as it could be, but I believe we should look at the move with a different perspective.

So first let's discuss Egg Lay in neutral.

Egg lay can be used in conjunction with egg throw and down tilt for an excellent walling game. Egg throw covers medium/long range, down-tilt covers close range and pushes opponents far enough to throw another egg (which sets up for grab or egg lay of they shield). Egg lay is a great tool for covering shielding (or not lol) opponents trying to break through your egg throw/down tilt wall. The range on Yoshi's tongue is insane, but it can go even further if you do a DJC turnaround egg lay (jump back, jump the other way, immediately egg lay). This is really useful when you're playing against a careful, defensive opponent like samus.

Okay, so you landed an egg lay, now what? There's no conversion, right?

Sort of. The thing is, you don't want to go for a followup after egg lay. If you run back and reestablish your positioning, you've essentially reset neutral, but you have a second or two head start. Toss a high egg, wait for their reaction (usually some kind of aerial if they're mashing), and punish, OR reestablish your wall of egg throw/down tilt/egg lay.

This also has the factor of really getting on your opponent's nerves, as something that seems so harmless keeps putting them in a disadvantageous position.

So let's get some discussion going! Here's a basic summary list of egg lay uses:

-quick, long-range command grab
-resets neutral in your advantage
-creates a defensive wall when used with down tilt and egg throw
-generally useful spacing/zoning tool
-if your opponent is shielding on a platform above you, run forward, short hop, b-reverse egg lay will catch them
-annoy/troll your opponent
-grounded b-reverse egg lay is the equivalent to pivot grab

I'd love to hear some more ideas for how to use this amazing move!
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