DThrow to BAir (Chrom)


Smash Apprentice
Jan 29, 2019
Hi all,

Just noticed something and thought I should share. Please note that I only tested against a lvl9 CPU (first in a match, then in training), since I got no other options available right now. If you could test this with humans, I'd appreciate your help.

I was trying to improve my DThrow -> UAir game when I - more or less accidentally - BAir'd the Chrom I was fighting. I sweetspotted and killed him. Curious, I tried a few more times and was able to land sweetspots quite frequently. In training I tested the following (Zelda at 0%; no pummeling; Chrom damage before grabbing):

below 40%: Hitting Chrom is practically impossible
40%: Hitting is hard, but I managed to hit him when I got as frame-perfect as I could (shortly after SH tech).
50-60%: Hitting a good 70-80% of the tries, seems to be a beneficial damage range (also kill-wise; he probalby won't make the recovery).
80%: Hitting him is incredibly easy, but I am sure it's not even close to a combo, let alone true. It's of course deadly if successful.
above 80%: naaah...

I tested further on battelfield and noticed:
When throwing him from below a platform at 40-45%, he will land on the platform and I was able to get the hit off every time. Obviously restricted to moments in which he wisses the tech.
^"Hit" always means "sweetspot" in that list.

Again, if somebody could check with a human opponent who actually knows how to DI, please let us know.