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Oct 5, 2005
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
Hey guys,

So I'm a GW main from Canada, and I'm currently teaming with Nysyarc, and after running a couple searches I couldn't find anything on Ike in doubles on here. So I wanted to get your guys' opinions on who your favourite partner is as an Ike main in doubles? I figured Wario to be the best for Ike, but as I mentioned my Ike knowledge/experience is limited.
Oct 14, 2012
Lakeland, FL
To be honest, Ness is a great teammate for Ike and my personal favorite.

Just recently my friend and I attended Come to Papa 4 in Orlando, FL. While we were there, we entered doubles and singles alike. In doubles, we played as Ike (myself) and Ness (him, though he also plays Ike). We didn't make it through the bracket, but I personally attribute that to lack of teamwork and inexperience. As you can see by my Member Since: date, I haven't been here very long.

Strategy is simple, even if Ike has no projectiles to give Ness health back. Ike can basically go ham so long as Ness isn't in the way. Ness can basically go ham so long as Ike can recover. It's really dependent on the player himself on if Ness should be leading or Ike should be leading.

For Nysyarc, if you're a G&W main, just keep clear of his aerials at high percentages, and G&W Dthrow to Ike Fsmash/Usmash (unless teched) should be a nice combo, provided the other opponent cannot get there in time. Ike Uthrow to Judgment Hammer should work most times, I recall seeing a match where someone accidentally used Ike's atrocious Uthrow and his G&W friend smashed a 9 into the opponent's face. Have Nysyarc use Fthrow if he ever grabs you, never Dthrow as it will Star KO at high percents and Bthrow is too slow.

Other than that, Bucket projectiles and help Ike get back to the stage.
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