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Donkey Kong Jr. Saves Papa!


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Nov 6, 2019
I love the original Donkey Kong arcade game, as well as Donkey Kong for the Game Boy.

(Yeah, Ted. Thats right. I'm 14 and own a gameboy in 2019. Magical how gifts from family works, huh?)

Now I know that Nintendo has done everything in their power to rid of Jr., but I think he could make an awesome comeback in Smash. Here are some reasons he deserves a comeback:

1. Hes only ever been playable in 1 game alongside his 'son' Donkey Kong (current gen). This game was Mario Tennis 2000.

2. He hasn't had a big part in any games since Mario Tennis 2000

3. He was replaced by the current DK, and since then, hasnct returned as an important character since.... (I'd say the first Mario Kart was the last time he was important, but thats probably wrong.)

Here are reasons he probably wouldn't get in anytime soon:
1. Hes considered 'irrelevant' today
2. Most kids born after 2010 have no idea who he is
3. He doesn't have much moveset potential. (Still pulled one off tho, lol)

Here is the moveset I've come up with:
Nuetral - Kong Punch
(Basic punches and swipes)
Nuetral Special - Tennis Swing
(Swings a racket upward, either hitting.
someone above if anyone is there. If nobody.
is there, proceeds to swing a ball that.
spikes and damages people in range)
(references Mario Tennis 2000)
Up Special / Recovery - Kong Climb
(DK Jr climbs up a vine to get back up to the
map. He swipes his tennis racket as he.
climbs, knocking back enemies in the area.)
(Referencing Mario Tennis 2000 & Donkey
Kong Jr.)
Side Special - Pipeline Kart
(DK Jr. junps in his kart and controls it for a few seconds, then jumping out as it disappears. Hitting an enemy while in the kart will push them into the ground and damage them small amounts)
Down Special - Snapjaw
(DK Jr. Places down a Snapjaw down that.
runs to the edge of the map, knocking back.
enemies) (Snapjaws are enemies from
Donkey Kong Jr.)
Up Tilt - Mario's Key
(DK pushes up a giant key that hurts
enemies that it jabs and sends them
upwards) (keys are from Donkey Kong Jr.
Side Tilt - Just like Papa
(Jr. rolls a barrel in whichever direction he
is looking. It knocks enemies it hits back,
and then they roll off the side of the map)
Down Tilt - Banana Toss
(DK Jr. throws a banana, which disappears
when hitting the ground. If it hits an enemy,
then it damages them)
Final Smash - Papa
(Donkey Kong is released, and starts jumping
around and slamming down on parts of the

Color Swaps:
1. Basic (Just the basic design of DK Jr.)
2. Pink (references pink DK alt, and DK Jr.'s sprite. It turns his fur pink, but his shirt stays normal)
3. Yellow (Simply changes Jr.'s fur to yellow)
4. Grey (Changes Jr.'s shirt to be fully black, and his fur to silver)
5. Red & Blue (Changes Jr.'s fur to red and his shirt to blue. This references Mario, who was the main villian in his game)
6. Red Shirt (as a reference to current DK, jr.'s shirt is recolored red, and the letter on his shirt is now 'DK' in yellow text)
7. Black (Turns J on shirt and fur to deep black)
8. White (Shirt turns completely pink, and fur stays brown, but lightens up a lot. This references Cranky Kong, the believed father of Jr., and the original Donkey Kong

As for kirby... I assume he could get Fluffy Brwon fur? Or maybe Jr.'s white shirt? And he could take the Tennis Swing as his ability.

Support List:
Voodoo7995 Voodoo7995
DoctorProctor DoctorProctor

What did you think? Leave your thoughts below! :)
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