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Disabled smashers experience at tournament


Smash Cadet
Feb 8, 2014

my gamertag is toez, I am a disabled smasher.
I do not have the use of my left arm, and play with my big left toe on the analog and right hand on buttons/holding the controller.

I require special needs to play my best at events. this includes an area where people cannot walk/crowd behind me so they do not bump/tap/step into me during my match/set. When this happens, my mindset is destroyed and I play sub par from my best. Enough space to sit on the ground and place a t shirt in front of me so my controller is sturdy with how i position it.

today, these needs were not met. I am here to speak about my experience to bring awareness about disabled gamers in general.


I found out about dtdii Wednesday night after finding out that 3 people in my region where attending and carpooling up to Mississauga. Without hesitation, I went to smash.gg and signed up with my registration note, stating I require a set up dedicated to meet my special needs and some kind of barrier to prevent people from trying to walk behind me. I've developed a phobia per say, where when I'm even at home I look behind me, worried that I'll be stepped on/bumped into and go on tilt when I'm sitting on my couch for sake.

We arrived at the venue at 2pm, with 2 hours to spare until my pools. When we arrived, I checked in, and talked to the head t.o stating to remind him of my registration note. All the set ups were in pod formation, and they over met expectations and capped at 65 people, so there was no space to really place the full set up me and company brought, so we left them in the car and I just played with what was available.

Because I sit on the ground, I need a bit of room to be able to play with my foot and right hand. I also need a t shirt on the ground to place my controller so it doesn't slide/bang on concrete.
I played a total of 2 friendly matches because I couldn't bare with lack of space. I instead waited till my pools began.When the announcement was made,pools were called and they stated that I had special needs and that people give me space when i was to play.

It was RR pools (that weren't played in order as smash.gg stated) Top 4 seeds make it out. With my luck, I played the top 3 seeds going in cold and went 0-2. I then played a marth and fox, 2-0ing them but it wasn't till I played the 4th seed that it happened. I asked my pool captain to make sure people give me space and don't tap/bump/step on me. He said he had me covered, and even put the table behind me to indicate you can't go this way so he could also run the pool.

No one listened.

Even with these precautions I took, thought I feel should just be common courtesy by now. It sadly isn't. People still tried to go behind me, I looked back during an important set. I tilted. I went 1-2 and 2-1 my next matches and got 6th seed. I played sub par from my best all because I'm disabled. I have to do what I do, differently. I can not change this, this is who I am. yet as much as people reassure me that I'll get equal treatment, I don't. This is the second melee event in a row it's happened. I'm sick of it. I actually teared up because not only did all this stuff happen. People still talk rudely about my play style. The character I use, and what techniques I implement.

This type of behavior is toxic. I don't enjoy being around it, and it saddens me that I encounter it at every event I attend.

Every one else from my region that attended did well and got far in bracket, on the car ride home I explained what happen and was swept under the rug. I did not want to rain on their parade just because mine was. I fist bumped everyone I played, and showed respect.

Why am I made to feel guilty for asking it in return.
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