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Disable and how it should be used.


Smash Cadet
Nov 12, 2006
I see there are not that many M2 strat threads.Now I am going to tell you before hand that I think Mew2 is a great character and can be used competitively.Thats my opinion don't try to change me.

Disable can spike falco and fox (can kill a 1% if they don't mash out of disable stun fast enough) if you hit them while they are recovering with it they will drop(falco drops fast).It outprioritizes all thier aerial attacks(if timed right and spaced right) and it is disjointed. If you catch them using thier recovery or in the startup frames of aerial attack you pop them with disable them teleport for edgeguard.

Great for setting up edgeguard with Bair.

Has the best priority of any attack in the game(the projectile cancels attacks)

Now if you going to use this move(one of my main "bread and butter"s.) you have to be very good at predicting attacks on wind-up. If you suck at this,this move gets really situational and less ALOT useless. Mewtwo is VERY dependant on predicting offense and answering what you see with the safest defense(pre-timed spotdodge,pre-timed roll,pre-timed teleport ect).You have to do things when they commit to attacking or when you see them setting up.


Smash Lord
Sep 9, 2006
Please keep in Disable Guide type thing thread. Yes it's mine, but still >.>
and it's not a true spike, it just hits them... and they fall. Not spike. Not really.
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