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May 18, 2016
Hello Smashboard people!

A while ago I had a discussion with a few people about shield sizes in Melee. I was interested in what resources existed detailing this information, and I found @Mew2King's Shield Sizes in his statistics post. I found in @Toomai's hitbox collection that values for Shield Size were apparent, but when I sorted these in comparison to each other they didn't make much sense - Pichu's shield is not larger than DK's. Next to this column there was a listing for size, but this seemed iffy too. Pretty sure Bowser isn't smaller than Pikachu. Given these discrepancies I felt that size might just be a modifier on character features from whatever base values they might have had. So by multiplying these two values I was able to get values that match up nicely to existing data, and even surpass what Mew2King might not have been able to discern.

I put the values for characters that are not innately playable, as well as Yoshi (who has an abnormal shield that does not fit this listing) in italics. In The Mew2King list a dash denotes a character is not in his listing. The normalized shield size is a measure comparing shield size directly, and not shield size to body size or any other relative measure.

Character Shield Size Size Normalized Shield Size Mew2King List
Yoshi 6.0 1.05 6.3 -
Master Hand 10.75 1 10.75 -
Crazy Hand 10.75 1 10.75 -
Pikachu 12 0.9 10.8 Pikachu
Mr. G&W 10.75 1.02 10.965 Mr. G&W
Young Link 11.625 0.96 11.16 Young Link
Dr. Mario 10.75 1.1 11.825 Mario/Dr. Mario
Mario 10.75 1.1 11.825
Pichu 24.3 0.5 12.15 Ice Climbers /Jigglypuff /Pichu
Jigglypuff 13.125 0.94 12.3375
Popo 10.75 1.15 12.3625
Nana 10.75 1.15 12.3625
Roy 11.75 1.08 12.69 Roy
Sandbag 10.75 1.2 12.9 -
Luigi 10.75 1.25 13.4375 Luigi /Marth
Marth 11.75 1.15 13.5125
Kirby 14.7 0.92 13.524 Kirby/Peach
Peach 11.875 1.15 13.65625
Ness 13.75 1 13.75 Falco /Fox /Ness
Falco 12.5 1.1 13.75
Fox 14.375 0.96 13.8
Link 11.625 1.22 14.1825 Link /Samus
Samus 16.25 0.88 14.3
Captain Falcon 15 0.97 14.55 Captain Falcon
Zelda 11.875 1.26 14.9625 Zelda
Ganondorf 15 1.08 16.2 Ganondorf /Mewtwo /Sheik
Mewtwo 16.25 1 16.25
Sheik 11.625 1.4 16.275
Donkey Kong 17.5 1 17.5 Donkey Kong
Male Wire 15 1.3 19.5 -
Female Wire 11.875 1.72 20.425 -
Bowser 31.25 0.69 21.5625 Bowser
Gigabowser 31.25 1.5 46.875 -

To address the tie breakers that were encountered by Mew2King, the new results found in this calculation are:

Mario/Dr. Mario - They have the exact same shield sizes.

Ice Climbers /Jigglypuff /Pichu - Pichu's shield is smaller than Jigglypuff's, which is ever so slightly smaller than the Ice Climbers.

Luigi /Marth - Luigi's shield is slightly smaller than Marth's

Kirby/Peach - Kirby's shield is smaller than Peach's

Falco /Fox /Ness - Falco and Ness have the same shield size, but both of their shields are smaller than Fox's

Link /Samus - Link's shield is smaller than Samus'

Ganondorf /Mewtwo /Sheik - Ganondorf's Shield is smaller than Mewtwo's, which is smaller than Sheik's

I do hope at some point to develop some relative coverage shield ranking, I do think this is possible with the data in Toomai's hitbox collection. It would take a lot of time and some interesting math. Summing up hitbox volumes and subtracting the shield volume from that sum would provide a uncovered hitbox volume, but it also would be useful to find the furthest protrusion from shield.
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