Debug Menu Issues


Smash Journeyman
Apr 11, 2008
Atlanta, GA
I'm using the debug menu and every so often it freezes.
It seems that I "overload" the game and that screws stuff up.
What is the problem here?


Smash Apprentice
Jun 6, 2009
Metropolis Zone
Well if you're still having the problem, here are some answers:
If it happens during matches

-You have too many developer elements on. If you don't know what that is, it's stuff related to this:

-You might be trying to load an unused character or stage. Don't try to load 'none' in the characters or 'IceTop', 'AKANEIA', '10-2', or 'DUMMY' unless you have AR Codes on to load them.

-You might be using a move that doesn't exist. When using Sandbag, Wireframes, Giga Bowser, Master Hand, or Crazy Hand, you need to be aware that sometimes attack don't exist. If you press any attack buttons with sandbag, the game should freeze. The Hands need to be plug into the last two control ports and use certain button combos for them to work properly.

-You're trying to play at FIGUREGET It's the "Grab the Trophies" Bonus Stage in Classic. There are codes to stop it from freezing, I think.

-You pressed Start Start looks like the game crashes. However, it doesn't. It just goes into a freeze frame. You can press start again to resume the match. Press Z while in freeze frame to advance frame by frame.

-You won the match with Giga Bowser, Wire Frames, Sand Bag, or the Hands. They don't have a victory theme or winning data given to them in the data, so the game will crash.

If it happens in the Debug Menu

-You're trying to load a menu option that doesn't exist. The game can show anything in the debug menu, but that doesn't mean it can do something. Look out for these options in Mode Team Test

OPENING START (Sometimes crashes during the cinematic)
PROGRESSIVE TEST (Doesn't work with some TVs)

Anything in YOSHIKI is dangerous. It can format data, create unknown data, and screw up
your snapshots.

-You're trying to use Sub Colors 5-9 They freeze the game. The only reason they are there is because there that many regular colors for characters.

-You have another code on that doesn't function well. This can be a common problem and you fix it by simply turning the code that messes up off.

For more information, Click Here.