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Dealing with Rosalina and Luma as Peach


Smash Rookie
Dec 7, 2015
I just got destroyed by a rosalina player and I'm kinda feeling unsure as to what i could have done to beat him. The games were close, but he always won by getting a spike through peach's up b. I also dealt with luma well by killing him every time i could, but i still lost. Btw this is my first thread/post so sorry if I did somthing wrong.


Smash Cadet
Dec 23, 2015
Unfortunately RosaLuma does really well against most of
Your specials (Up B like you said, turnips and Peach bomber blocked by Luma) but if you're able to use your dash attack against Luma, that leaves Rosalina at an opening for you to combo into. Just be safe! It's important to not only know the character, but the player too. Hopefully someone can offer something a little more helpful, good luck!

Robert Lee

Smash Apprentice
May 29, 2014
Metairie, Lousisiana
I have some experiences against rosalina matchups. You want to mix up your approach with peach ground float with her neutral aerial. From there, you can start pressure with her down aerial and neutral aerial with spacing them. If luma is with rosalina, you can damage it with peach bomber and peach's tilt attacks. If you manage to hit rosalina on shield with peach bomber, you are safe and rosalina can 't counter back easily. Use this advantage to punish her with peach's neutral aerial with fast fall but don't abuse it too much if your opponent catches on. When you are recoverying high against her or offstage, don't challenge her moves and focus on getting back on the stage. Time your up special and recover low is your best option to recover. When you get rosalina offstage, use turnips to bait an air dodge and punish her with peach's neutral aerial or forward aerial while near the ledge. This is a matchup you have to take your time with since rosalina and luma has more range than peach has. Spacing peach's aerial and ground attacks and edgeguarding rosalina and luma is the key to winning this matchup. Good luck!


Smash Rookie
Feb 7, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
My best friend/doubles partner is a notable Rosalina main so I have some experience with this match-up. In addition to what people have said it can be VERY tricky. Patience is key. Make sure to mix-up your approaches constantly with safer options. I find things like turnip play, ground float up airs (because Rosa is tall), and short hop bairs work well. One advantage Peach has over Rosa is how good she is at getting rid of Luma. Dash attack, side smash, and fair are all great tools, but watch to make sure the Rosalina isn't catching on and baiting you into traps as these moves are committal. Always respect Rosalina's up moves to avoid getting juggled and you should set yourself up for a great match. :)

Hope this helps! <3
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