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Dealing with Pressure


Smash Cadet
Jan 7, 2015
Nashville, TN or San Diego, CA
Hey guys! I'm relatively new to posting to this board but I've been reading around for a while. A bit of background about myself is that I played Smash since 64, but never took it seriously until the beginning of this school year. I play PM exclusively-ish and have been to a few tournaments. I main Samus/ Lucario depending on the MU/ my mood and sub Snake for a change of pace. My question comes with dealing with pressure in 3.5.

The specific characters I seem to be having trouble with are spacies (shocker) and CF, though this seems to be a problem I have with any sort of fast paced, aggressive character. The problem I seem to be having is when I get just unrelenting pressure from an opponent. I usually try to play patient with Samus and keep people out with ftilts and missiles, but I struggle when people just keep coming. With the decreased knockback on zair in 3.5, it seems like I can keep people out for a little bit, but it seems like a matter of time before they can get in before I secure a KO.

I've tried to reverse the pressure back on them like I do with Lucario, but it just seems that Samus doesn't have the tools to rival these characters' short game. Missile camping works for a little bit, but on small stages I won't have room to keep the spacing. I've found some success CC + Dtilt but that only works up to a certain percentage and is very easy to counter since I don't really have a way to switch things up yet.

In summary, what are some tools I can test out to deal with pressure as a rookie bounty hunter? Also, if possible, if anyone has any videos they could link that I could study/ pick up tips from that would be very helpful! Thanks for your help!


Smash Journeyman
Sep 22, 2013
Samus is very comfortable in her shield, as she has really solid options to act out of shield with. The go to option, which is one that destroys anybody pressuring too close from in front or behind you, is to UpB out of shield. You've got 5 frames of invincibility with UpB, so you'll ignore any poorly timed pressure and then hit them into Screw Attack for some good percent, and you'll reset the neutral.

Nair OoS is more situational, but also works as a great "get off me" type of move. It comes out slower, but it's got good knock back, and can be a means of catching your opponent off guard and starting a reversal.


Mar 16, 2007
Don't forget wd out of shield when they start blocking or dodging after hitting your shield, or simply spacing further away to stay out of Screw Attack range. This can give you more options to position against their pressure.


Feb 2, 2013
UP B OOS, Air Dodge Back OoS Zair, Wd Back OoS --> (fsmash) (uptilt) (dtilt) (jab-->fsmash)
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